What to Do If My Husband Says He Wants a Divorce but Says He Loves Me

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My husband says he wants a divorce but says he loves me all you need to knowDivorce can be emotionally taxing and even more complicated if this question arises: what do I do if my husband says he wants a divorce but says he loves me?

Multiple reasons may influence his decision to want to file for a divorce. However, if he still loves you, there is a chance that you can work things out and salvage your marriage.

This article will provide insight into why your husband might want a divorce and amicable ways to navigate this confusing scenario.

What Does It Mean If My Husband Says He Wants a Divorce but Says He Loves Me?

There may be an underlying issue in your marriage that your husband cannot get past, causing him to ask for a divorce even though he loves you. Couples get divorced for different reasons, so it would be best to ask him why he wants to get divorced.

Why Your Husband Might Want To End The Marriage

Several factors may influence your husband to want a divorce when he still loves you, including lack of communication, everyday stresses of life, and feeling unappreciated. Having a conversation may help you better understand the root of the problem. Here are a few reasons why your husband might want a divorce when he still loves you:

  • Feeling unappreciated: After being married for an extended period, it is easy to stop appreciating each other. Your husband’s feelings might shift if he feels you are not appreciative of what he brings into your life.
  • Poor communication: You may have reached a point in your marriage where you do not communicate, as your discussions tend to end in toxic arguments.
  • Financial strain: Everyday life stress, including paying all the bills, might be taking a financial toll on your husband, making him want out of the marriage.
  • Resentment: Your husband may want a divorce due to built-up resentment stemming from underlying problems you have not addressed.

What To Do If Your Husband Wants a Divorce

Navigating a divorce is not easy. The news of your husband wanting a divorce may be shocking and can cause you to have an adverse reaction. If you can’t work out your issues, keeping a clear head and having an amicable divorce will be best. Here are things that can make your divorce a more amicable process:

  • Be respectful: Respect your husband’s wishes and give him space if that is what he needs.
  • Couples therapy: If you still wish to work on your marriage, communicate this to your husband. If he welcomes the idea, you can suggest couples therapy or marriage counseling.
  • Avoid toxic arguments: Do not indulge in toxic and meaningless arguments. Try to keep your composure when you have a conversation about the divorce.
  • Communicate: Ensure you communicate your needs and allow your husband to communicate without pointing fingers. Let him feel like you can have a conversation without you lashing out.
  • Focus on yourself: Take this time to focus on your needs while nurturing and loving yourself. Work on being the best version of yourself for yourself and not your husband. Don’t let your marriage’s end make you fall apart, and forget to take care of yourself.
  • Keep living: Your marriage ending is sad, but do not lose yourself. Instead, keep living and attending to your everyday activities, find new hobbies, and spend more time with your friends. Take this time to rediscover yourself.
  • Take care of your children: Children are vulnerable and significantly affected by a divorce. Ensure you take care of them and protect them from having to witness the conflict.
  • Talk to a lawyer: If your husband insists on getting a divorce, you must talk to an experienced divorce attorney. They will help you navigate the process and answer all your questions.

What To Avoid If Your Husband Wants a Divorce

When you get married, you expect to grow old with your partner, but that is not always the case. Sadly, sometimes marriages end even after you have done your best to make it work.

If your husband decides to end the marriage, you need to take the time to reflect on his decision and think about the best approach moving forward. You cannot force him to stay if he has already made up his mind to get a divorce.

Here are some things to avoid if your husband wants a divorce:

  • Spying on him: Going through his messages, wanting to know where he is and with whom, and following him around will only worsen matters. It shows a lack of trust.
  • Calling him incessantly: Divorce is hard on both parties, so give your husband space. Incessantly calling him and sending messages will only push him further away.
  • Manipulating him into staying: Do not stoop to the point where you have to use manipulation tactics to make your husband stay. There is no use in him staying with you if he does not want to be with you.
  • Begging him to stay with you: Avoid pleading, crying, and begging your husband to stay with you. Find out why he wants a divorce, and if it is something that you cannot fix, respect his decision.
  • Acting out: Do not start bashing your husband online or gossiping about him. Keep your composure, and take the time to reflect on why you are getting a divorce and if you can stop the process. It is never too late to figure out the problem and try to work it out.
  • Getting others to do your bidding: The divorce is between you and your husband, so avoid involving family and friends. Please keep it civil and instead focus on more important matters like child support and co-parenting.

What Actions Can You Take To Give You The Best Chance Of Changing Your Husband’s Wish To Divorce?

While the cause for divorce is different for different couples, there are actions you can take to change your husband’s mind about filing for divorce. Although, note that you cannot force him to change his mind. Here are things you can do to give you the best chance of changing your husband’s wish to divorce:

  • Couples counseling: Going for counseling together can help you establish the main issue and also help improve your relationship. Couples counseling can improve communication and establish a better physical and emotional connection between you and your husband.
  • Understand the issue: It is crucial to understand the issue making your husband resort to divorce. Once you understand the issue, weigh whether you can find a solution that will help you avoid divorce.
  • Put in the effort to improve your marriage: This will not happen overnight. Prioritize your marriage and be willing to do everything you can to make it work.
  • Change negative patterns: Incorporate healthier approaches to resolving conflict in your marriage. Be more mindful and respectful to your husband.

Is It Necessary To Speak To A Lawyer?

Speaking to a divorce lawyer if your husband wants a divorce is essential. You may want to save your marriage, but it helps to be prepared for when you end up getting a divorce. Navigating a divorce is challenging. A divorce lawyer will offer you sound expert legal advice that may help make the divorce more bearable.


Many things happen in the months preceding a divorce. However, perhaps the most confusing is the situation that leaves you questioning yourself is: how do I act if my husband says he wants a divorce but says he still loves me? This article has covered what it means when this happens. Here is a summary of the discussion:My husband says he wants a divorce but says he loves me what to expect

  • A good starting place if you feel confused about your husband’s actions is to find out why he wants to get divorced.
  • Weigh whether you can resolve the issue before resorting to divorce.
  • Talking to a family lawyer regarding your situation can help determine whether there are any legal implications and the best way to proceed.

There are several solutions to explore when you face challenges in your marriage before you resort to divorce. Communicate with your husband and find out whether or not you can fix the problem. If you cannot fix it, stay respectful and try to have an amicable divorce. It would also help to hire an experienced divorce attorney to understand your options and protect your interests.

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