Show cause hearing in court

How To Prepare for a Show Cause Hearing: A Complete Guide

Knowing how to prepare for a show cause hearing can help you avoid punishment by a judge, which can happen if...
Domestic adoptions

How Much Is Adoption in Texas? Evaluating Adoption Costs

The question “how much is adoption in Texas” is a great consideration if you’re thinking of adopting a child or starting...
Stages of the cps investigation process

CPS Investigation Outcomes: What’s the Process and Duration?

CPS investigation outcomes often determine whether the protective services agency closes your case or continues to litigate. Usually, Child Protective Services...
Dwop hearing and cases

DWOP Meaning: What Does the Legal Acronym Stand For?

DWOP meaning or in full stands for dismissal for want of prosecution and is a remedy for courts dealing with cases...
Prevent child support from freezing bank account

How to Hide Bank Account From Child Support: A List of Ways

“How to hide bank account from child support?” is a general question asked by parents who want to keep the money...
Lawyer accessibility and knowledge

Can a Lawyer Represent a Family Member and Is It Beneficial?

Can a lawyer represent a family member? This is a question generally asked by people who want to get representation by...
Motion for a new trial

Under What Circumstances Will a Judge Grant a Motion for a New Trial?

Under what circumstances will a judge grant a motion for a new trial? This is an important consideration to be made...
Loosing a summary judgement

Odds of Winning Summary Judgement: What Are the Chances?

Odds of winning summary judgement are also known as the grant of summary judgment. The main factor which affects your grant...
How to speed up divorce

Emergency Divorce: How Can It Speed Up Your Divorce?

Emergency divorce is one of the ways Kansas couples can avoid the long and often dramatic conventional divorce process. This type...
Limitations of a bill of review in texas

Bill of Review Texas: How Does It Apply in Cases?

A bill of review Texas offers parties a final shot at setting aside a judgment if they’re already too late to...

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