Parent wondering what questions are asked in a child support hearing

What Questions are Asked in a Child Support Hearing?

Child support is an essential aspect of a child's life, and parents should be aware of questions asked in a child...
Child custody and visitation document

What Happens if the Non-Custodial Parent Misses Visitation?

Most parents would do anything to exercise their right to visit and see their children as often as possible. However, there...
Stop child support payments in indiana

How To Stop Child Support Payments in Indiana: A Hassle-Free Guide

You can stop child support payments in Indiana, but there are specific rules for this. In particular, you will have to...
Judge changes child custody

Reasons a Judge Will Change Custody: Life of Children After Divorce

There are many reasons a judge will change custody for children. In particular, this will happen to protect and benefit the...
Lonely child cause of violating visitation order

Violating Visitation Order: All You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Violating visitation order is taken seriously because the child's safety or well-being may be jeopardized, such offenses may result in substantial...
Restraining order child custody

Restraining Order Child Custody: Its Effects and Importance

Restraining order child custody can be a powerful tool in helping abuse survivors in removing themselves and their children from potentially...
Joint custody child support

Joint Custody Child Support: Will I Still Have To Pay Child Support?

Joint custody child support is available when spouses divorce but still share the responsibility of the daily care of their children....
Child support agreement

What Does Child Support Cover and What Exactly Is It?

It’s common for any divorced parent to ask, “what does child support cover?” Child support, which is essential to every child’s life,...
Parenting custody plan

80 20 Custody Schedule: What All You Need To Consider

80 20 custody schedule implies custody of a kid spending 80 percent of their time with one parent and 20 percent...
Parent pick up the child

Child Visitation: Pick Up Drop Off Responsibility As a Parent

Do you want to know more about child visitation: pick up drop off responsibility? This is a topic that is often...

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