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Going through a momentous life change such as a divorce is complicated and difficult for all parties involved. It can be exceedingly overwhelming to go through this process, but you don’t have to do it alone. We understand, and we’re here to help.

Over the years, we’ve noticed an abundance of advice columns and blog posts that deal with this sensitive topic, but the content is often vague and unrelatable. Because of this, we decided to collate our expert experiences to offer you this exhaustive, detailed, and honest website that answers your queries without any fuss or vague promises.

What is the difference between divorce and annulment?

What is common law marriage?

Is what you are going through considered as irreconcilable differences?

Are you separated but still living together due to unavoidable factors? We understand that situations like these can be hard to manage, so we have made it a priority to create detailed and informative content that will not only help you with the legal aspects of these matters but also give you tips on setting appropriate boundaries.

Aside from the exhausting legwork it takes to get your legal matters arranged, these situations also take a heavy toll on mental, physical, and emotional states, and addressing this humanity is something that we also strive to showcase in all of our posts. The answers to these questions, as well as topics regarding legal separation by state, moving out before a divorce, and health insurance after divorce, can be found here.

The most crucial factor to keep in mind when going through a divorce is the welfare of your children. Every decision you make in this process can have a potential impact on your child, which is why we deem this as one of the most important topics to discuss regarding separation. You will be able to find child custody, visitation, and child support topics in our Child Support category.

Are you looking for sample questions that may be asked in a divorce deposition? Are you confused about the various forms you have to procure and fill up in the process of separation? How does adultery affect a divorce? We understand that every individual experience has its own nuances and that no two divorce proceedings are ever the same. So for topics such as grandparents’ rights, postnuptial agreements, grounds for divorce and similar, you’ll find detailed answers on our Tips page.

Do you have questions about alimony and can’t find accurate information anywhere? Check out our Alimony section that covers this topic on a state-by-state basis, so you always have access to correct and up-to-date details wherever you are.

About Us

We are a team of legal experts that have one thing in common — a passion for helping others. With backgrounds ranging from Divorce Attorneys to Family Law Specialists and Child Custody Attorneys, our team is exceptionally equipped to provide legal advice relating to separations, divorce, and family proceedings. All of us are active in the industry, and most have been practicing for upwards of 35 years, with a few guest posts from qualified professionals here and there.

With our combined depth of expert knowledge and experiences, we decided to create this website in the hopes of reaching out to those who are in the process of a divorce and everything that comes with it. Through years of hard work and planning, we have managed to create one of the largest and most comprehensive divorce and finance-related resources on the web.

We can guarantee accurate and straightforward answers to all your questions about divorce, separation, custody, alimony, and everything in between. But above all else, we value honesty. Rest assured that you’ll find practical guidance and gentle counsel with us as you navigate this pivotal process and make your way into your new life.

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