How much is a divorce in arkansas what to expectHow much is a divorce in Arkansas? This question arises when the couple decides to end their marriage and start considering the methods of divorcing, as the cost of a divorce depends on various circumstances. Read this article to calculate the cost of your divorce based on the information provided in the article.

How Much Is a Divorce in Arkansas?

The average cost of a divorce in Arkansas can be from $8,000 and $10,000 with court filing costs and legal expenses. The filing fee may be around $165, and the costs of a divorce might significantly rise in case of a contested divorce which is challenging or complicated.

Determiners of the Cost of a Divorce

The cost of divorce may be determined on a case-to-case basis and may increase significantly when both the parties seeking divorce disagree on the terms of the divorce. Following are the factors which determine the cost of divorce in Arkansas:

– The Type of Divorce

The cost differs by the type of divorce i.e., whether it is contested or uncontested. In general, the entire procedure will be simpler, quicker, and less expensive if you can file for an uncontested divorce in Arkansas as opposed to a conventionally disputed divorce. However, in order for a divorce to be genuinely uncontested, you and your spouse had to be in agreement on every aspect of your union, including:

  • the split of your assets and obligations, as well as
  • spousal support,
  • child support, and
  • custody arrangements (if you have minor children).

Following the resolution of those concerns, it’s customary to include the terms of the settlement in a marriage settlement agreement, which can later be incorporated into your divorce decision.

Another advantage of an uncontested divorce in Arkansas is that you may simply have a witness sign an affidavit to confirm your residency requirements or separation and then bring it to the court.

– Cost in Uncontested Divorce

Your sole expense in a divorce that is genuinely uncontested may be the $100 filing fee, which you must pay to the court clerk. However, additional charges will be charged if the issue is challenged or if your spouse cannot be contacted to sign a contract. A contentious matter’s exact cost is difficult to determine since it depends on activities that vary from case to case.

– Contested Divorce:

It can cost you around $5000. This divorce indicates that both parties have legal counsel, which might increase the expense of the proceedings. A judge will evaluate all disputes, however, his or her conclusion might not always be acceptable to the parties. Only after all of the issues have been resolved by the court will a final ruling be made.

– Filing Fees

A predetermined filing fee is around $100 in Arkansas and must be paid before your case may be submitted to the court. Divorces need a tone of paperwork. You must get divorce papers, answers, service-waivers, and discovery papers ready. The right preparation of these documents can need the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney.

In Arkansas, your fees should generally not exceed $200 if your divorce is genuinely uncontested, both parties are present at all times to sign the required divorce forms, and no unforeseen issues arise.

There are other costs, such as a $10 notary charge or a service fee of up to $50 for a process server or sheriff to deliver the official divorce petition to your husband. You can also be required to pay extra filing costs each time you send the court additional motions or legal documents.

The prices listed above, however, only include the minimal court expenditures. Even more, money will be spent if you need to pay an attorney, any specialists like tax consultants, financial planners, or property appraisers, and/or if your divorce is difficult or contentious.

– Child Custody Involvement

The total divorce cost will also include child custody. Arkansas updated its statutory support requirements in 2020. In accordance with these rules, each parent’s pro-rata part of the parents’ combined income counts toward their child support obligation.

According to these rules, parent A will pay 66.66 percent of child support and parent B will pay 33.33 percent of child support, for instance, if Parent A makes $2,000 per month and Parent B makes $1,000 per month. Together, their income is $3,000 per month.

Based on a joint income of $3,000, the monthly child support requirement in Arkansas for one kid is equivalent to $469. In this case, Parent A would be obligated to pay $312.67 in child support each month, while Parent B would be liable for paying just $156.33.

Thus, custody is another cost which increases the total cost. Hope after reading the example you could calculate your custody cost.

– Marital Assets

Because Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, a court will divide marital assets equitably, if perhaps not quite equally. Property settlement agreements can be reached by spouses alone or with the assistance of a mediator. When there is a disagreement relating to the property division, a court will determine the overall worth of the couple’s assets and split it between them according to their respective requirements, income, childcare obligations, separate property, and any other relevant factors.

In Arkansas, your divorce cost will increase if there is a division of property as the court hearings will increase and the attorney cost will also add up.

What Is the Average Fee for a Divorce Lawyer?

In Arkansas, new lawyers often bill over $100 per hour, whereas seasoned lawyers typically bill over $300 per hour. Also to be anticipated is outlier pricing, which may go from $30 to $500/hour.

The attorney who charges the least per hour might need to spend more time studying the Arkansas divorce laws than an attorney who has been in practice for a while and might not be as knowledgeable about the procedure and courts.


– How Can Your File for Divorce in Arkansas Without Using a Lawyer?

You won’t require a lawyer if you and your spouse can reach a complete agreement on all issues. Observe these measures to initiate a peaceful, uncontested divorce without a lawyer: Gather and complete all required court forms. Register the documents with the court. Pay the filing fee (or, if you lack the funds, ask for a fee waiver) serve the divorce documents, and create a settlement agreement for a divorce.

Even though all parties to a divorce appear to agree on every issue, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, when you’re inexperienced, it can be challenging to do so with a sufficient understanding of all the repercussions.

– Can You File for Online Divorce in Arkansas?

No, you cannot file for divorce online in Arkansas because the court does not provide any online forms to be filled to apply for divorce. Nonetheless, you could use the online Arkansas divorce assistance services which fill out the legal forms based on the date the party gives to them by responding to a series of questions.

As a result, the generated paperwork gets modified in accordance with the state regulations and particulars of the party’s particular instance. As opposed to organizing the paperwork on your own, using this service is both quicker and more comfortable.

– What Are the Different Methods of Divorce?

There is the divorce known as “at the kitchen table.” This one is rather simple to understand. Without consulting any experts, you try to work out all your issues with your husband. You don’t know what you don’t know, which is the biggest drawback. Unless you are a wealthy single person without children, it is advised to avoid using this strategy.

Litigation is the most expensive and default choice. You’re heading for litigation if you and your spouse can’t agree on one of the other possibilities. Attorneys drive the litigation process. Litigation may be your only choice if your spouse has a high-conflict personality (narcissist, borderline, etc.) or if there has been domestic violence.

The mediator is when you should hire a third party (often an attorney) to assist in reaching a settlement. The mediator will assist you in coming up with solutions, comprehending one another’s viewpoints, and making concessions so that you and your spouse may agree on a conclusion. This will only include the mediator cost which might be around $2000.

Collaborative divorce refers to the whole divorce process. A team-oriented, systematic method is collaborative divorce. It has to do with money, kids, and feelings. Collaborative lawyers, a divorce coach, and a financial neutrality expert make up a collaborative team. Everyone agrees not to participate in any other process, including the court..


If you are unable to pay, you may submit a “Petition for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis” together with an affidavit in support to petition the court to waive the fees associated with your case. Further, we conclude the following:

  • How much is a divorce in arkansas all you need to knowIf your divorce is truly uncontested, both parties are present at all times to sign the necessary documents, and no unexpected complications develop, your fees in Arkansas should often not exceed $200.
  • If the parties have decided to pursue divorce without the help of a lawyer, then they should be more careful and should keep in mind that, you’re inexperienced, and it can be challenging.
  • It is advised to choose your divorce method carefully because it can affect the cost of your divorce.
  • In Arkansas, you can also get legal fees waiver if you are unable to pay your divorce fee.

We hope now you could estimate the cost of your divorce and also decide if you need the services of an experienced lawyer or not.

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