How much is a divorce in maryland all you need to knowHow much is a divorce in Maryland? Divorce paperwork, legal procedures, and specialized terminology can make the divorce process in Maryland appear intimidating. However, you can seek assistance, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. This article will help you get started on getting a brief idea regarding the costs.

How Much Is a Divorce in Maryland?

Divorce in Maryland is between $10,000 to $14,000. These costs include Lawyers’ hourly rates, judicial filing costs, and other expert fees – such as paying for discovery professionals to look through documents, and special couriers to convey letters, in order to complete your divorce.

What Do Maryland Divorces Fees Include?

Depending on the divorce type you choose, Maryland’s divorce cost will vary. Due to the numerous court appearances and high attorney fees, a contested divorce will cost you more money than an uncontested one. The least expensive alternative in Maryland is to file for an amicable, uncontested divorce.

– The Filing Fees

A limited or absolute divorce complaint must be filed for $165. The least expensive way to dissolve a marriage in Maryland is typically when both partners submit a combined petition for an amicable divorce in cases without children.

Although each county in Maryland has a different filing fee, regardless of which county a couple of files for a divorce, the same kinds of costs need to be taken into account.

– The Cost of Negotiations and Contested Divorces

If you are unable to convince your ex-spouse to participate in negotiations, you will need to follow completely other sets of steps. These are time-consuming and keep in mind that divorce attorneys charge based on the number of hours they devote to a case.

Little things add up rapidly, for example, just the cost of appearing in court, which is only a divorce trial may settle a couple’s disputes during a contested divorce.

Trials quickly become pricey. The average cost of a divorce for couples whose cases go to trial is close to $20,000, at least $15,000 of which is spent on legal expenses. Trials occasionally have additional expenses related to expert witnesses, who bill at rates of hundreds per hour.

Maryland family law judges demand that couples try all in their power to come to an agreement outside of court since trials take time and money. Couples who resolve their disputes out of court will spend an estimate of $15,000, hence, lowering their attorney’s costs down to a more manageable average of $12,000.

– Fault or No-fault Divorces

You may also petition for either a “fault” or a “no-fault” divorce in Maryland, as you can in many other states. Fault divorces are typically more expensive, in part, because lawyers must present evidence to a judge to support the allegations (or not, if you’re the one being accused of wrongdoing). The cost may be between $10,000 to $15,000.

In order to determine whether the additional cost is likely to be justified by the potential difference it could make in the outcome of your case, it is essential to take legal advice from an experienced attorney.

A fault divorce is one in which the spouse filing for divorce cites one of the following reasons or grounds, such as the other spouse’s adultery, desertion, cruelty, confinement in a mental facility for incurable insanity, or imprisonment for a criminal conviction.

Mutual consent divorce, which calls for you and your spouse to have lived apart and separately for at least a year’s period before filing for divorce, or separation, which entails how you and your spouse lived apart for a minimum of a year prior to filing for divorce is less expensive.

– Minor Children

The cost of a divorce involving children can be up to 50 percent more expensive than a divorce without children, making it the most expensive type of divorce in Maryland. According to one of the survey studies, the average divorce in Maryland will cost up to $21,000 with attorney fees coming in at $17,700 when there are children involved.

This cost rises due to child custody and child support issues. However, the expense will be significantly lesser if a couple can come to an agreement prior to trial than it will be to resolve their dissolving bonds of matrimony in court.

How Much Will the Divorce in Maryland Cost if You Hire a Lawyer?

You should budget between $11,000 and $13,500 for your divorce if you hire a lawyer. The typical hourly pay for attorneys in Maryland is between $260 and $325. These costs may be reduced by several thousand dollars if your divorce is straightforward. A difficult and challenging divorce can push up the price to above $20,000 and make it more expensive.

For instance, if you have kids and you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can’t agree on custody, your divorce may take years to finalize and will cost a lot of money. If you and your husband can come to an agreement on everything before you file for divorce, an uncontested divorce will keep your costs down.

How Much Will You Pay if You Use an Online Divorce Platform?

Although the cost varies depending on the provider you pick, you should prepare to spend anywhere from $150 and $1,500. You can basically follow along with the process while receiving the completed Maryland forms from an online platform. Some of these businesses will also handle the actual filing of divorce papers in court on your behalf as an added service.

Divorce forms that you can download and complete are available on several websites. Most platforms also provide a number of additional services, including serving and filing divorce papers.

How Much is a Divorce in Maryland if You Do Everything Yourself?

According to the Maryland divorce law if you do not hire a lawyer then your divorce cost will be around $165 including a filing fee of $80, an MLSC surcharge of $55.00, and a records improvement fund of $30.

Adoptions, divorce, guardianship, personal injury, mechanics liens, name changes, foreclosure, condemnation, miscellaneous, confessed judgments, habeas corpus, and foreclosure are all considered civil actions. However, there is no upfront fee for asking the district court for a jury trial.

The cheapest alternative is to handle every aspect of the divorce on your own. If you are unfamiliar with Maryland’s divorce laws, this strategy may be a little hazardous. If you wish to speak for yourself, you must do adequate research, complete the divorce paperwork, and deliver the divorce papers to the judge. In addition, you have to serve your partner because you are unable to deliver the documents yourself, someone else must do it on your behalf, and lastly, if your divorce is uncontested, create a divorce settlement agreement.


– How To Lower Your Divorce Costs in Maryland?

You’ll need to retain legal counsel and proceed as swiftly and amicably as possible if you want to reduce your overall divorce fees.

The divorces that cost the least are those in which both are in complete agreement, the union lasted for no more than a year, there are no pooled assets or bank accounts, not even apartment leases, and there are no kids engaged, especially none under the age of 18.

It is quite uncommon for a divorced couple to agree on everything, even if you believe you have addressed most or all of these topics. It’s best to just leave situations like this up to a divorce lawyer. Although hiring a lawyer may cost more upfront, it will likely end up saving you thousands of dollars.


We hope after reading this article you might have a better understanding of the costs involved in a divorce in Maryland. Further, we conclude the following:

  • How much is a divorce in maryland what to expectPeople seeking divorce must consider the fact that in addition to paying the lawyer’s hourly rate, which in Maryland is $270 you must also pay for other expenses including court filings, financial analysts, etc.
  • Other than the filing fees, you might also pay for mediation and the costs of experts like financial analysts and child custody and child support assessors, depending on the specifics of your case.
  • Conflicts regarding alimony, minor small children involved, considerably raise the expense of divorce. In Maryland, alimony-related divorces often end up costing $19,300.
  • If you are pursuing your divorce online then it may cost, you anywhere from $150 and $1,500
  • Try to lower your divorce cost by negotiating and communicating with your partner and doing adequate research if you are not hiring an attorney.

Further, you could also get additional information related to divorce costs from One of Maryland’s Family Court Help Centres as most of these facilities offer free legal assistance.

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