The judgment of dissolution form or FL-180 plays a critical role in the divorce judgment, legal separation judgment, or a judgment that nullifies marriages. It’s the one form that works in all these three types of court judgments.

Before filling out the FL-180 form, you must have already performed the following steps: filed your divorce petition, exchanged your preliminary declaration of disclosures, negotiated a settlement agreement with your spouse, and reduced your agreements into writing using either the Marital Settlement agreement approach or using the collection of Judicial Council forms method.

After this, you can now prepare your judgment of dissolution using the judgment form FL-180. However, you must learn all about this judgment form before filling it out, to avoid any untoward consequences.

What Is FL180?

The judgment of dissolution form or FL-180 consists of a two-page court form called judgment. You’ll attach to the FL-180 form either a marital settlement agreement that you signed or the collection of the Judicial Council court forms.

In this case, the necessary Judicial Council court forms include the property order attachment to judgment form – FL-345 and the spousal, partner, or family support attachment form – FL-343. You’ll also need to attach the stipulation for entry of judgment form, that you and your spouse signed with signatures notarized.

Remember, however, that the stipulation for entry of judgment is not a Judicial Council court form. It is simply a word document that you can find in the court forms database.

How to Fill Out Form FL 180

You’ll find a blank judgment of dissolution form, FL-180, in the court forms database that you can fill out and print for free. You can complete three versions from this one blank judgment of dissolution form, FL 180. The three versions exist because how you fill out this judgment of dissolution depends on the type of judgment you intend to submit to the court.

The first version involves using the marital settlement agreement approach. The second version entails utilizing the collection of the Judicial Council forms method to set forth your settlement agreement. The third version assumes there is no settlement agreement and the case you want to process has a valid default.

– FL 180 Instructions

After getting your blank form FL180:

  1. Complete it by checking various boxes on the paper and filling in the appropriate blanks.
  2. After completing this, print your FL 180 form.
  3. Attach to the document either your marital settlement or your collection of the various Judicial Council forms

Also, remember to include child support in your settlement agreement if you have minor children. If your settlement includes any child support provisions, then the law requires you to attach a FL 192 form to your FL 180 form. Taking this step does not matter if you’re using the marital settlement agreement approach or the judicial Council forms approach.

– What is the FL 192 form?

The FL 192 form refers to a two-page document that you can quickly fill out. The first page describes the procedures you should follow for reimbursement of the children’s health care costs. The following page of this FL 192 explains that a child support order is a judgment part and allows child support modification if significant change situations occur in the future.

The second page of this FL 192 also explains how to modify child support. You don’t need to fill out anything on this form. Just go to the court forms database, find the FL 192 form, print it, and attach it to your FL 180. Remember, you can skip this step if you don’t have minor children by your marriage.

– Stipulation For Entry Of Judgment

There’s another form to attach to your FL 180 if you’re using the Judicial Council forms approach to set forth your divorce settlement agreement. Stipulation for entry of judgment is the name of this form. You don’t need this form if you’re using the marital settlement agreement approach for your judgment dissolution.

If you’re using the Judicial Council forms approach for your form FL-180, you will need both parties to sign the document. This document confirms that you both agree to all of the provisions in the Judicial Council forms. Remember, there doesn’t exist a Judicial Council form called stipulation for entry of judgment. So, where can you get this Judicial Council document?

Some counties have a local form you can use for this purpose. It is one of the few word documents. You need to fill out the name of your case, the case number and check the different boxes for the various Judicial Councils you intend to be part of your FL-180 form. Print the form after filling out everything. You will attach this stipulation for entry of judgment form to your FL 180 form.

You and your spouse should sign the stipulation for entry of judgment form and notarize your signatures. The court will not accept the document or the judgment if the form features unnotarized signatures.

Why the Court Can Reject Your FL 180 Form

Never allow the common mistakes to drive your divorce case to unnecessary delays. Prepare yourself to receive FL 180 back if you omitted the required forms or failed to add the required details on the form.

Also, prepare to have your form FL-180 back if it doesn’t give clear information on what you want.

The common issues that you’re likely to face when completing the separation/divorce case include:

– FL 180 Rejected

Always ensure that the information (debt/property information) provided on the FL 180 form matches the details you included on the property/petition declaration form.

Besides this, the court can reject your FL-180 form if the property divisions you have requested do not give the spouses equal benefits. Moreover, prepare to receive your FL 180 form back if you have issued enough details about your finances. The court can also reject the documents if you fail to give detailed information relating to the parenting plan to provide support orders.

If the case involves a local child support organization, you should ensure that the agency has approved the proposed support payments. Prepare to get your forms back if you can’t do this.

– Avoid common mistakes

You’re likely to get a challenge in navigating the divorce process. But don’t get worried about this because the court clerk will always issue written instructions. With these instructions, you’ll learn all the things you need to handle for the court to accept your forms.

1. FL 180 must appear on the first page

Ensure your judgment package features the FL-180 form as the cover sheet. Therefore, when using a marital settlement agreement, the FL-180 format must appear first and then the MSA.

2. Have one original FL 180 form and three copies

Before forwarding the FL-180 form, ensure you have one original FL-180 and three copies of this document. Prepare to get your judgment rejected if you can’t provide these three copies.

3. Same names

The names appearing on the judgment must match the ones on the Petition. Always ensure the identities appearing on the Summons and Petition also appear on each of the court forms.

4. Correct date

Ensure the jurisdiction date denotes the day you served the respondent with the Petition or when the respondent appeared. For the service date, go through the proof of service to get precise information about when the service occurred.

Signing FL-180 Form

Remember, there are different forms of divorce. These forms include having a default, having uncontested, and having a default with an agreement.

Each divorce case follows specific requirements and has different signatures. You’ll realize that the FL 180 form has a signature line on page 2. But the respondent needs to sign the document if the case involves two parties and the paper doesn’t include a response.

So, how will the parties sign on that one signature line? In this case, you should ensure the last part of your judgment is the signature page. For the default with an agreement case, the respondent should have his/her signature on the signature page and notarize it.

No response came from the respondent, but you cannot forward the FL-180 form with your page 2 signature. Therefore, ensure the paper has a signature page with the respondent’s signature notarized.


  • Follow FL180 instructions carefully. After filling out your form FL 180, you should move to the next step of assembling the divorce judgment form. Here, there is a specific sequence you need to follow.
  • Start with FL-180 and then the stipulation for entry of judgment and then the rest of the forms.
  • There are no specific steps to follow from this point. Most people prefer adding child custody forms, child support forms, spousal support forms, and, lastly, property division forms.

If you used the marital settlement agreement approach, you’d need the completed judgment form. Attach to the FL180 the signed marital settlement agreement. Ensure your signature and your spouse’s signature on the marriage settlement agreement are the notarized ones.

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