Texas Child Support Arrears Forgiveness: How To Seek It?

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Texas child support arrears forgiveness is asked when child support is not paid due to valid reasons which the court considers while ascertaining if those arrears are to be forgiven or not.

Texas child support arrears

This article provides a brief understanding of the actions you should take to get your child support arrears forgiven and get a brief regarding child support in Texas.

How To Get Texas Child Support Arrears Forgiveness?

To get Texas child support arrears forgiveness, the court needs a “request for review,” which will be used to examine the child support order. This form will include all pertinent financial and general information about the parties and their kids and reasons why the unpaid arrears need forgiveness.

Following the filing of that document, a meeting is scheduled with the custodial parent to work out a child support arrangement and possibly agree to waive any arrears. To waive the arrearage or reduce the amount owed, a settlement must be struck in mediation between both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent.

As part of the negotiations that will take place in this meeting, it could be wise to prepare a specific lump amount payment. A lump sum payment may aid in negotiating a decrease in the remaining amount of arrears owed, even though paying a huge sum of money may not seem to be beneficial. This would be advantageous when asking “Does child support arrears go to the parent?”

– Let the State Know

Unfortunately, the state still recognizes the arrearage even though it may be waived with the custodial parent. The decision made by both parties to try to waive the arrearage may, however, be communicated to the state.

Another option is to arrange a meeting with the state to formally record this understanding with the custodial parent and know how to terminate child support arrears. This discussion may also result in a reduction in future child support payments, preventing further arrears. Only through these conversations is it possible to dismiss the arrears, and complete disregard of the arrears may cause the custodial spouse to seek enforcement by freezing various financial assets.

– Pay Child Support

If child support is not paid, then according to Texas child support law, enforcement actions may be taken against them to recover both current and past-due payments of child support. Liens may be issued on the paying parent’s property or other assets.

Pay child support

Here are other things to note:

  • The court may order that employers remove child support from the paying parent’s income through wage withholding.
  • A lawsuit may be brought against the non-custodial parent seeking the court to implement its order.
  • The suspension of the non-custodial parent’s driver’s, professional, hunting, and fishing licenses can be executed.
  • A judge has the authority to impose jail time on a non-paying parent and issue a judgment for unpaid child support.

The Child Support Division of the Attorney General’s Office is the designated Texas state agency for collecting child support. Federal law mandates the Texas Child Support Division’s services, which are paid for by both the federal government and the state of Texas.

– Know the Laws on Interest and Limitation of Child Support Arrears

According to the Texas Penal Code, a parent can be detained for not making child support payments. If the ex-spouse deliberately or knowingly chooses not to provide for their child financially, it is considered a crime known as “criminal non-support.” Criminal non-support is a state jail felony with a $10,000 fine and a potential sentence of two years.

Texas child support arrears laws state that the state of Texas permits the charging of interest on late support payments. From the time child support becomes past due, interest is charged at a rate of 6 percent simple interest per year. If a support payment is not received by the 31st day after the due date, it is deemed delinquent.

Texas also permits the charging of interest on back pay. From the day the court order is issued, interest will accumulate at a 6 percent simple interest rate yearly.

According to Texas child support law, the court retains authority to pursue enforcement action until all back support payments (arrears) are paid in full. A non-custodial parent cannot simply forego making payments because there isn’t a child support decree in existence. Even in the absence of a formal court order mandating it, child support is nevertheless owed.

In this situation, parents have much less time to apply for financial assistance for unpaid, past-due child support. The custodial parent must make a claim under Texas law four years from the child’s 18th birthday. This Texas statute of limitations for back child support is much stricter.

– Know the Grounds To Get Child Support Arrears Dismissed

The grounds to get child support arrears dismissed or have a reduction in future child support orders will be discussed in this section. Specific conditions must have significantly altered since the initial child support order. The court will inquire as to what is a reasonable belief regarding the accrual of arrearages. 

Know the grounds to get child

Such elements may consist of the non-custodial parent developing a handicap or a change in income. The noncustodial parent may have experienced a mental illness or handicap that prohibited them from paying child support after the child support order was filed. Such examples must be amply demonstrated.

A noncustodial parent’s job loss or other change in income might be considered legitimate grounds for the accumulation of arrears and for the revision of a child support order. Back child support in Texas may also be the result of unanticipated financial hardships or from being imprisoned. Whatever the cause, dealing with the issue is preferable to ignoring it.

The good news is that Texas’s state government is typically open to negotiating a child support agreement. They reason that receiving any payment is preferable to receiving none at all. Getting the child’s mother to agree could be difficult, however.

These considerations must be amply demonstrated for a revision in the child support order and a dismissal of arrears. Such modifications are only subject to the custodial parent’s response, who has the legal right to compel the payment of arrears.

– Be Familiar With the Child Support Arrears Forgiveness Program

The child support arrears forgiveness program or the Office of the Attorney General’s arrears payment incentive program is a voluntary initiative designed to encourage delinquent obligors to pay assigned child support arrears written in the Texas arrears payment incentive program application

It is a way to give an incentive to the defaulters to pay child support. Every dollar spent by the debtor on interest and arrears throughout each month of their voluntary enrollment in the program is credited by the program. Participation in the program by an obligor does not prevent the OAG from using any other legal means of collection.

– Qualify for Child Support Debt Reduction Program

The requirements in order to be qualified to take part in the program are as follows. These are to be strictly followed to be eligible for the required program:

Qualify for child support

  • A final Texas child support order must exist in the debtor’s case.
  • The debtor must keep their current address up to date with the OAG.
  • There must be at least $500 in both state-owned arrears. A case in which the OAG is providing intergovernmental services under Texas Family Code Chapter 159 cannot be the obligor’s case.
  • The child support obligation cannot be payable to the Department of Family and Protective Services.
  • There cannot be an open bankruptcy case.
  • Lastly, the obligor cannot be behind bars at the moment.

A website maintained by the Texas Attorney General’s office keeps track of citizens who are wanted for arrest and who owe child support of $5,000 or more. A webpage for the Child Support Evader Program features some of Texas’ worst offenders. The offender’s entire name, birth date, mug image, and last known town of residence are all included on the website.


– What Is the Use of Support Arrears Forgiveness Letter?

The use of child support arrears forgiveness letter is that when a custodial parent (or legal guardian) wants to release the other parent (or legal guardian) from the obligation to pay child support, they can do so by using this letter.

The letter’s objectives are to inform the relevant court (or family court judge) of the situation and to forgive the child support arrears (or arrears) officially. This letter is typically used when the custodial parent has approached the paying parent over a delay in child support payments.

They can fill out a Support Arrears Forgiveness Letter and submit it to the judge after learning the reasons why they weren’t given child support and determining those reasons to be valid. These laws are the same in states like West Virginia, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina.

This letter’s completion is an easy task. The custodial parent should confirm that the court has created a specific form for this letter before submitting it. The court must be informed in this letter about both parents (or legal guardians), the forgiveness of arrears or what happens when child support arrears are paid in full Texas, and the justifications for the remission of arrears.


Any custodial parent who is not receiving public assistance may engage a private attorney or contract with a child support collection agency while also filing a case with the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division. We further conclude as follows:

  • A court can impose jail time or community monitoring sanctions upon you if you fail to pay child support as ordered.
  • If you have lost your job and are not currently working or earning any income, it is appropriate to reduce the amount of child support you have to pay in the future.
  • It will be up to your other parent to request the court to dismiss the arrearage and pardon the amount of child support you owe.
  • The child support agency may develop and oversee a payment incentive program to encourage non-custodial parents falling behind on their child support obligations to make the difference.
  • Specific conditions must have significantly been altered after the first child support order to be eligible for a waiver of arrearages.

You should act right away if unpaid child support is the cause of your financial difficulties and want to know how to get child support arrears paid. To learn more about child support services, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced child support attorney.

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