Choose a divorce attorneyQuestions to ask a divorce lawyer will depend on what type of assistance you need, but it can be challenging to choose a divorce attorney if you have never done this before.

In addition, you may not be sure what questions you should ask before the divorce process.

Keep reading our guide to better understand the best questions to ask when you pick a good divorce lawyer.

What To Ask a Divorce Lawyer

It is beneficial to ask a lot of questions before hiring a divorce lawyer to know what to expect. Namely, you want to have support and representation through this difficult time in your life. You want to make sure that this is going to be what you get.

– Questions To Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring Them

You want to ensure that a divorce lawyer knows what they are doing before hiring them. After all, you want them to represent your interests and get what you deserve when legally separating from your partner.

  • Experience

One of the first things you should ask when you want to choose a divorce lawyer is:

How much experience do you have?

It can put your mind at ease to know that you are selecting an experienced lawyer who has dealt with cases. This means they know a lot about the law and what issues can crop up in divorces.

  • References

Something else that can offer you peace of mind is asking for references. These will allow you to see what other clients have said about this divorce lawyer and make sure they have had a good experience. Indeed, a divorce lawyer should accept this request, and they should be able to provide you with a few to read.

  • Costs

You will have to ask about costs when choosing a divorce lawyer. This is particularly true if you are on a budget. After all, you do not want to end up in financial trouble due to your divorce. It might be the case that a divorce attorney cannot give you an exact price. But, they should give you a cost range that you can expect at the end of proceedings.

– Questions To Ask About Communication

Remember that you need to know how you are going to be contacting your divorce lawyer and how they are going to update you on your case. So, it will be beneficial to ask a range of questions about communication when you hire them.

  • Frequency

For example, you may want to ask, how often will you reach out to me about my case? This can give you a better idea of how often you can expect to hear from them and whether you need to set aside a lot of time for your divorce. Indeed, if you have a complicated case, you should expect to talk to your lawyer more about what is going on.

  • How To Contact Them

You also want to know how you are going to be communicating. For instance, will this be through email, video, or telephone calls? You may have a preference, and you want to ensure that you can comfortably speak to your divorce lawyer.

Something else you want to think about is how a divorce lawyer is going to send your paperwork and communicate the written information you need. It might be easier to receive them by email if you do not have a postal address. Alternatively, you might prefer to have physical copies.

– About Divorce

Divorce lawyer during a consultationThere are several questions to ask a divorce lawyer during a consultation. Namely, you are going to want to know how good your chances are of getting what you want. For example, some people want certain assets or property over their partner. This is a question you can put to a divorce lawyer to give you an honest answer.

  • Alimony

A divorce lawyer is going to have the knowledge and experience to know what you are entitled to. This may include receiving 50 percent of the whole estate, or there may be certain assets you can claim. Divorces can be tricky, and often there are different rules and laws in various states. Ask this general question to gain the information.

  • What To Expect

Sometimes, you just need some reassurance during this difficult time in your life. You may be worried about money or how you will cope after splitting from your partner. So, a divorce lawyer can give you a better picture of what you can expect and how they will represent you in the case. In addition, they might be able to tell you if your divorce is going to take a long time or not.

  • Child Custody

Another question you might want to ask your divorce lawyer is whether you can have child custody or not if there are kids in the marriage. This is going to be a big topic open for discussion during the case. You may have wishes to put yourself forward as the primary custodian. Again, a lawyer can let you know if you have a good chance of this happening.

– Questions for Divorce Attorney on Alimony

Do you believe that you are going to struggle financially after a divorce?

This could mean that you receive alimony or spousal support from your partner. In particular, this is going to be the case if you will be financially disadvantaged as a result of the breakup. You could receive a temporary or permanent payment from your spouse.

  • Possibility of Receiving Alimony

There are some specific questions on this topic that you want to ask. Namely, based on their experience, whether they believe you had a good chance of receiving alimony. This can allow you to gather evidence and share the right information with the attorney.

  • Payment Duration

You also want to ask a divorce lawyer how long you believe you will receive this payment. Of course, they might not be able to give you a specific answer. But, they can give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Perhaps you only want to receive spousal support while you get an education. Indeed, this can be possible since this will allow you to be financially independent. So, you want to ask a divorce lawyer whether this is a prospect in your situation.

– About Child Support

In certain circumstances, child support can be paid to the primary custodian after divorce. This is to support the child and their wellbeing, contributing to everything from education to healthcare. If you feel like your partner should be paying child support to help you look after the kids, this is something that you are going to want to ask your divorce lawyer about.

Namely, you want to know whether you are going to be able to claim support. A divorce attorney can give you a better idea if a court would grant this payment to you for the children. In addition, they might be able to tell you how much you would receive.

– About Prenuptial Agreements

Have you signed a prenuptial agreement and are now going through a divorce?

This is a contract that you sign before marriage, and it can affect what you are entitled to during the divorce proceedings. Perhaps you are unsure what you have agreed to or want to know what you can claim during a divorce. Either way, asking a divorce attorney about this is going to help.

  • Definition and Coverage

Namely, you can ask your divorce attorney what the prenuptial agreement means. They can go through the contract and advise you on what it says about divorce. It may be specific about what you can and cannot claim. They will be able to help you with this.

If the prenuptial agreement does set out the procedure for divorce, a divorce attorney can let you know what this is. When you have this information, you can know what you can expect. You can gather evidence to aid your case.

– About Proceedings

There are several ways that you can finalize a divorce. For instance, there are some non-conflict approaches if the divorce is uncontested. Alternatively, you can end up in court if the divorce will be messy and there is disagreement on assets and child custody. Thus, you want to ask your divorce attorney about the proceedings.

  • Best Route

A legal expert that has experience with similar cases will know what route will be best for you. Of course, your situation is unique. What works for you can be different from your friend going through a divorce. You can explain your case to an attorney, and they can give you advice on what different proceedings can offer you.

If you have never been through a divorce before, the proceedings may seem similar or challenging to understand. An attorney can sit down with you and get familiar with how they work. This can offer you peace of mind.

You can know what to expect with the process, which can give you a better timeline of what will happen. Often, stress can result from unknown situations. When you know what is happening, you can help to stay calm during a difficult time.

– About The Outcome

One of the big things people want to know when they are going into difficult divorce proceedings is what the outcome is likely to be. They want to know whether they are getting child custody or receiving certain assets. People do not like to be kept in the dark, and since divorces can be difficult, they want some reassurance.

A divorce attorney is not always going to be able to guarantee the outcome of a case. But, they can advise on if a particular proceeding might work for your needs.

For instance, say you want to challenge child custody, but your partner will not like this. A lawyer may advise you to take the matter to court. If you are able to discuss these matters with your partner in an amicable way, an attorney may suggest trying mediation first.

Why Should You Ask Divorce Lawyers a Lot of Questions?

You should your divorce lawyer a lot of questions because you want to make sure that you feel comfortable speaking to them and asking them for advice. Asking questions lets you find out if you get a good vibe from them and demonstrate their knowledge and experience.

There are a lot of divorce lawyers out there. A simple Google search will reveal a lot of names and law firms you can choose from, but some divorce lawyers are going to be better for you than others. You are not going to know more about them unless you ask questions. In addition, you want to gain a better idea of what you can expect in the courtroom too.


Questions to ask a divorce lawyerWhen you are about to go through a divorce, it will be beneficial to seek out a good divorce attorney and ask a lot of questions. This includes when you choose a divorce attorney, as well as before the proceedings begin. The more questions you ask, the better you understand what is going on. Let’s summarize what we have covered in this guide:

  • Asking for references allows you to learn more about their service and how other clients have been treated.
  • Divorces involve a lot of paperwork, and you also have to know how you will receive this. During the initial consultation, you can make it known what you want, and the attorney can tell you what assets or property you are likely to receive in the divorce.
  • The law varies from state to state, and if you ask, an attorney can let you know what the general rules are and how they will apply to your case.
  • Asking about child custody can tell you whether you will be the primary custodian or have visitation rights.
  • You can learn more about what you have signed and whether the prenuptial agreement will change the rules for the splitting of assets and property.

There are various questions that can be beneficial to ask before the divorce proceedings begin. Thankfully, a lot of divorce attorneys want to help you, and this means that they are going to be more than willing to answer your questions in more detail.

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