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Benefits of Divorce Financial Planners
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How Clients Benefit

Enlisting the help of a Divorce Financial Planner helps the client understand the financial situation during and after divorce.  Here are some of the other benefits of including a divorce financial planner in the planning process: 

  • more control of the divorce process
  • clear understanding of the current financial picture
  • clear understanding of the future financial picture
  • greater focus on reaching a fair and workable settlement
  • negotiate more effectively
  • ensure a faster resolution of all financial matters, equitably, for both spouses
  • minimize legal fees
  • minimize taxes
  • maximize marital assets

How a Divorce Financial Planner Helps Clients

Divorce is a multi-step process. A Divorce Financial Planner is the best resource for informed guidance at each step in the process.

Pre-Divorce Financial Review

  • compile, organize, and value assets
  • analyze liabilities
  • estimate immediate needs
  • prepare statements of net worth
  • develop realistic budgets

Long-Term Planning

  • Discuss and prioritize goals
  • estimate career training cost and timeline
  • estimate future earnings potentials
  • estimate college and educational costs
  • compare after-tax asset sales
  • project retirement needs
  • analyze insurance needs

Divorce Settlement Analysis

  • review after-tax proposed settlements
  • estimate maintenance needs
  • analyze long-term cash flow and net worth
  • compare and contrast settlement proposals
  • develop alternate settlement proposals

Post-Divorce Financial Management

  • oversee asset transfers
  • set up budgeting and money management systems
  • manage investments
  • monitor results
  • update plans

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