How to speed up a divorce all you need to knowIf you’re wondering how to speed up a divorce, then it is essential to know that there are several methods to do this.

When certain crucial aspects of the divorce are involved, one or both parties may request to have a speedy divorce so that the procedure is completed quickly.

These include business ownership, child custody, and when one or both parties need to leave or relocate out of state.

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What Are the Ways to Speed up a Divorce?

Being familiar with the most recent divorce laws, preparing together, compromising, hiring a divorce lawyer, and prioritizing your meetings are some essential ways to make the divorce procedure go much quicker than usual.

There could be numerous reasons why your divorce will take time. Some of these reasons include child custody problems, a property that is about to be sold, the family house being sold, relocation to another state because of a job transfer, foster care problems, or problems with extended family.

Some jurisdictions compel divorcing parties to reside in the area until the divorce is finalized. Some custody cases involve other issues such as extended family or a foster care arrangement. Accelerating the divorce is critical for settling numerous issues within the marriage, within the household, and with external aspects.

Here are some of the ways to hasten the process:

– Being Aware of Recent Divorce Laws

Before seeking and finalizing a divorce, some state laws require couples to wait for around 12 months i.e., one full calendar year before separating. However, “Divorce by Mutual Consent” provision allows couples who do not share minor children to skip the 12-month separation term. Thus, making the process quicker.

Furthermore, some state laws permit couples with mutual minor children to file for divorce immediately if they have written and signed settlement agreements. Lastly, a “Divorce by Mutual Consent” requires only one party to testify during hearings.

A speedy divorce is considerably more likely when only one person’s schedule is at stake. Thus, knowing the law is important to complete the process quickly.

– Preparing Together for Divorce

Before formally filing or appearing in front of a judge, consider whether you and your spouse can prepare together. If you can work together to accommodate what you both require, the divorce process will move much more quickly.

A formal judge or mediator is not required for such cooperation. If the divorce is amicable, major issues could be resolved in some meetings. Such mutual meetings should take place before you appear in a court. This avoids time-consuming surprises or fights in court.

In conclusion, you are solely accountable for your own preparedness. Even if the other partner refuses to cooperate, you should familiarise yourself with your state’s divorce laws. Put your side of the story first in front of the judge.

– Deciding What Type of Divorce To Pursue

Uncontested divorces take less time than disputed divorces as the latter might include a trial as well as protracted settlement talks. It may also entail researching your spouse’s money, which requires a significant amount of time and effort.

A non disputed divorce, on the other hand, takes far less time because you and your spouse agree on the following issues:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child maintenance
  • Support for the spouse
  • Property division
  • Debt division
  • Insurance for life and health
  • Other concerns

If you both agrees, uncontested divorce and mediation are two of the quickest ways to separate. Both parties agree on most of divorce-related matters in an uncontested divorce. As a result, the divorce can proceed more quickly because there are less disagreements.

While uncontested divorces have various advantages for participants, they are not appropriate for everyone. Because the court is not involved, you must be on good terms with your ex in order to arrange a separation agreement that includes alimony, child support and custody, property, and anything else that is important to you.

Depending on your preferences, this sort of divorce may or may not require lawyers. Thus, making your process quick and efficient.

– Understanding and Compromising

This is easier said than done, especially when you have worked so hard to construct a life with someone who is suddenly leaving you. After all, there will be property to which you both feel entitled, as well as mixed accounts that must be “fairly” divided.

If you can, avoid becoming bogged down in the specifics. Think about the big picture of your life after divorce. Consider what you can realistically take with you or rebuild, and then compromise from there.

Actively share your opinions with your ex-partner as you think and make decisions. If the two of you can mutually agree on things ahead of time, the divorce will go faster and smoother.

Also, pay attention to what your ex says about their priorities. Maintain constant communication with them on where you are in the process; they should do the same. The more you and your partner can work things out on your own, the less you’ll have to deal with in court.

– Hiring a Divorce Attorney if Needed

If you are uncomfortable talking to your ex-partner or if they are unresponsive, choose a lawyer who knows your needs and what is important to you. A lawyer’s role includes making you feel at ease and confident in their handling of the divorce case. They will only be able to do so if they have all of the data and context, so make sure they are aware of all of your problems.

Your lawyer or mediator should comprehend your situation and, if necessary, fight for what you desire. They should also answer any queries you may have along the way. The more certain you are that your lawyer understands your divorce case, the more at ease you will be.

Lawyers can remove the emotion from the situation, justifying it for your ex, a mediator, or a judge if necessary. Thus, completing your divorce proceeding quickly.

– Maintaining Financial Stability

Divorces can be costly. Start saving money today if you believe you are heading in that direction. After all, you can only move on to the next phase if you have the funds to do so. Due to a lack of cash, the divorce will be drawn out.

Spend your money on a good lawyer who can help you go through the process faster. Even though their charge is more than that of an ordinary lawyer, paying for less hours will save you money in the long run. Furthermore, good divorce lawyers can assist you avoid costly blunders that might jeopardize settlements or delay the process for months.

– Prioritizing Your Meetings

Life can occasionally interfere with court appearances or mediation. If the proceedings continue and you keep rescheduling, you may lose concentration and momentum.

Remember, the longer you put off or postpone these appointments, the longer it will take to finalize the divorce. The longer you will spend getting divorced, the more money you spend — and the longer it takes to return to your new normal.

– Asking for Help

No matter how amicable the divorce is, it will probably cause a lot of additional stress and emotions. You will benefit from having a friend or family member you can chat with or rely on to watch any children or ask for assistance when you need it.

If you don’t feel that you’re going through your divorce alone, you’ll be mentally stronger. Your health comes before anything else, so you can be sure that your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible. You’ll go through the divorce procedure more quickly and easily if you keep a positive attitude.

– Avoiding Delay Tactics

Numerous reasons could cause a delay in the divorce process. It could be that your divorce lawyer is churning the paperwork. Churning is the practice of wasting time (and money) in an unreasonable and unnecessary manner. Lawyers who churn files are more concerned with their fees than with resolution or results.

Secondly, if no financial settlement agreement has been reached, you may need to wait until you have one before applying for Decree Absolute, which terminates your marriage. This is due to the impact of the Decree Absolute on inheritance, pensions, and taxation.

Financial actions in court are the most time-consuming and expensive option. Whatever path you take, you will have a legally binding agreement that reflects your settlement while still protecting your interests. This allows you to move forward with your divorce.

Furthermore, your case could be delayed if your lawyer is too preoccupied to take on your case or you have refused to comply with your lawyer and have allowed him or her to do anything he or she wants. Also, delay may be caused if your lawyer lacks the necessary experience to advise you.


In conclusion, you will need good planning, communication, and time management if you want a divorce fast, but most importantly, try to unwind. A competent attorney will comfort you at every stage of the procedure and work to obtain the best result for you as soon as feasible.How to speed up a divorce tips

  • If you need a divorce quickly, an uncontested divorce is the way to go. An uncontested divorce will also save you money on legal bills and minimize stress.
  • You could speed up your divorce if you keep a detailed record of your personal information, cooperate as much as possible, opt for mediation over a trial, etc.
  • Hiring an experienced attorney and organizing your records could help you end up with a settlement quickly. Also, consider meeting with a financial advisor.
  • A neutral third-party acts as a sort of referee during mediation to settle legal issues between parties.
  • Allowing a lawyer to speak for you keeps things respectful and professional, which are both desirable attributes in a quick divorce.

This article provides a brief guide regarding the ways in which you could speed up your divorce. Thus, if you have started your divorce proceedings and need to complete it quickly due to some reasons, follow some of the steps mentioned above.

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