How Much Is a Divorce in Wisconsin: Detail Analysis

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How much is a divorce in wisconsin what to expectHow much is a divorce in Wisconsin? This is one of the first concerns when deciding on a divorce. Thus, this article provides you with an analysis of the cost and related factors involved along with the challenges and consequences of hiring and not hiring an attorney to complete your divorce process.

How Much Is a Divorce in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, a divorce will typically cost $9,900, including filing fees and an attorney. Costs may go down if there is no dispute or they may go up by up to $25,000 if there is. Costs for divorce rise when there are issues with children, spousal support, or property and assets.

How Much Is the Filing for a Divorce in Wisconsin?

Divorce Filing costs are the first cost of a divorce. Although there will be some variations from country to country, these fees are enforced in all Wisconsin court systems. It is reasonable to anticipate paying divorce filing fees of at least $150. Although the costs differ by county, they typically fall between $200 and $300.

Regardless of whether they are being represented by an attorney or not, everyone who files for divorce in Wisconsin must pay a filing fee to the country. The county incurs administrative costs to handle your divorce file, which are covered by these fees. Make sure you choose the appropriate divorce forms from the Wisconsin Court System before filing for divorce.

What Impacts the Cost of Wisconsin Divorce?

There are different issues that could come up during a divorce which would be whether the divorce is uncontested or contested if there is property division, child custody and wellbeing, attorney fees, and cooperation and communication to share the fees.

– Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, which requires just one court appearance to be finalized and often costs between $1,500 and $3,000, you and your spouse agree on how to handle all concerns. Because no evidence must be gathered, no experts must be consulted, and no testimony must be prepared about disputed matters, uncontested divorces are sometimes less expensive and wind up being a much shorter process.

– Contested Divorce

A contentious divorce, where the parties are unable to reach a settlement, can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. A temporary hearing is held to initiate contested proceedings.

The judge issued a few preliminary orders at this session regarding custody, child support, and property preservation. At this early stage, aggressive advocacy is crucial since the temporary orders frequently serve as the template for the final orders.

The discovery step comes next since along with any other information required to resolve the dispute, the parties exchange potential marriage settlement agreements and financial disclosure statements.

Sometimes the discovery process is almost conflict-free, much like the divorce itself. Other times, especially if the partners have mistrust for one another, arguments are frequent. The resolution of these issues frequently involves pricey court sessions.

– Property Division

Divorce budgets may encounter difficulties as a result of shared assets like real estate, savings, and retirement funds, your total cost can range from $10,000 to $15,000.

These divorce cases typically wind up in court, where a financial investigation is frequently necessary. In addition, a high-net-worth divorce attorney is skilled at navigating the pricey procedure while protecting your assets.

The equal distribution of all marital assets and property to both spouses is a step in the process. They will almost certainly need to have their marital property valued unless the parties choose to value the property themselves and the judge approves of their results. An appraiser will be needed to do this since they can evaluate the property objectively and establish both its current market worth and its future market value.

– Child Custody and Wellbeing

In Wisconsin, child support amounts to 17 percent of your gross income. If your annual salary is over $39,000, 45 percent of your paycheck will be used for child support and income tax.

A divorce will probably cost more if you and your partner have children together. The child’s living situation will affect the child’s primary physical placement and how much child support is due.

In the case of minor children, the courts will mandate mediation as a means of reaching a mutually agreeable agreement on issues like custody. Although mediation frequently aids in the decision-making process, it can raise the divorce’s overall expense.

– Attorney Fees

In Wisconsin, the average hourly minimum wage is $220, and the average hourly maximum salary is $250 when it comes to attorney fees. The upper end of that range is less expensive than the family law attorneys’ total national average charges. Additionally, Wisconsin’s price range is far lower than that of pricey states.

A full-service divorce attorney typically charges between $9,200 and $10,600, the latter is based on the minimum and maximum hourly rates. However, that is the state-wide average for divorce rates. Depending on the type and quantity of disputed matters in your case—and whether you and your spouse can reach a settlement on those problems—your costs may be much lower or greater than that.

Family law specialists with several years of expertise would typically bill a higher hourly rate than those with less experience or general practice. It’s important to note that in this case, a higher hourly rate does not always equate to a higher final bill. This is due to the fact that an experienced expert in divorce laws can frequently settle issues in your case more rapidly than a specialist who is relatively new to the subject.

If your attorney requests documents or other information from you, you will save money if you respond as soon as possible and thoroughly. If your attorney needs to spend more time following up, reminding you, or requesting further information that you omitted to provide, it will cost you extra money that is not necessary.

– Cooperation and Communication

Sometimes. It is not necessary to “serve” anyone or incur any fees if you and your spouse file a Joint Petition for Divorce. However, there is a probable chance that you will have to pay a process server, which would either be a private company or the local Sheriff’s department to serve the Petition if your spouse is an uncooperative person and refuses to receive the documents freely. The process server might cost anywhere from $35 to more than $100.

However, if only one of you requests a divorce, the other party must be served with the Petition. If the other party is willing, they can consent to pick up the divorce documents in person or agree to have them mailed to them.

The final step is to sign a receipt simply. Positively having received the Petition does not imply that they approve of the divorce. Nonetheless, the price of a postage stamp is the only expense in this case.

You must publish the Petition in a specialized publication in the neighborhood of your spouse’s last-known address if you are unable to serve your spouse, either because they refuse service or because you are unaware of their current whereabouts. In addition to the costs of the aforementioned services, publications would cost somewhere between $200 and $300.

How To Minimize the Costs of Divorce?

Divorcing spouses frequently disagree on crucial matters, including child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and dividing marital assets and debts.

The main cause of some divorces being more expensive than others is disagreements over these concerns. If both, you and your partner are not able to quickly resolve these issues, your attorney will have to devote time to the discovery process, which includes obtaining and exchanging financial data, taking depositions, and gathering further evidence. If your spouse withholds necessary information or if either of you asks for temporary custody or support order, the lawyer will also need to draught motions and appear at court sessions.

An uncontested divorce is your most applicable option if you want to leave your marriage for the least amount of money possible. The absence of a divorce lawyer is the most significant difference between contentious and uncontested divorces in terms of costs. You might avoid hiring a lawyer by agreeing with your spouse on topics like alimony and child support.

Lastly, if you and your spouse are divorcing, but you can’t agree on certain important issues? Test out divorce mediation. A mediator will assist you in reaching a settlement so that you are qualified for an uncontested divorce. Even though it can set you back $800 to $3,500, it’s still less expensive than employing attorneys.


– Can You Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer in Wisconsin?

Of course, you can. Although it is legal for you to represent yourself in a family court, Although, you shouldn’t do something just because you can, since having an experienced attorney by your side is a better option. Overall, having someone by your side during a divorce who has gone through the process countless times and can take charge of the situation to guarantee you and your children are secure as soon and safely as possible is helpful, especially when things go wrong.

It is equally crucial to have someone who can comfort you that your suffering is entirely normal when you are feeling your worst and like nothing is going right, and, that everything continues to be well.

– Can You File for a Divorce Online in Wisconsin?

Online divorce is a simple, economical, and quick way to compile the necessary paperwork for people looking for a low-cost divorce in the state of Wisconsin. If a divorce is uncontested, couples may be able to do it online.

You can easily prepare your divorce documents via online divorce using a step-by-step procedure. It provides all the required divorce paperwork and offers thorough directions on how to file for divorce in Wisconsin. For individuals who wish to complete their divorce papers swiftly and stress-free, an online divorce paperwork preparation service may be the ideal choice.

Why should the process drag out and why should you spend money on attorneys if you and your partner are in an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce and want to end your marriage amicably? Divorce via online method is frequently less expensive, quicker, and simpler.

Therefore, you can still be able to prepare your documentation even if you believe your case is too complicated because you have children, own your own home, or have other assets.


In conclusion, even in a divorce that begins amicably, frustration and unjust decisions can rapidly make things unpleasant. Divorce is expensive, but it may also be mentally taxing if the process is prolonged and filled with intense emotion. Further, we conclude the following:

  • How much is a divorce in wisconsin all you need to knowDepending on your scenario, divorce costs may vary. A happily resolved cooperative litigation case with no children and limited assets to share could cost as low as $3,500.
  • The major factors which contribute to an expensive divorce are custody and support, alimony, and dividing marital assets and debts.
  • You can file for divorce in Wisconsin with or without the guidance of a lawyer, but it is highly recommended that you should first get some legal advice to pursue a divorce without a lawyer.
  • If you want to save money or get your divorce finalized quickly so you can move on with your life, an online divorce may be the best alternative.
  • A contested or traditional divorce that involves spousal abuse or has contentious custody or placement issues may cost between $25,000 and $40,000.

Calculate your cost of divorce, keeping in mind the above factors and expenses. We advise you to take legal guidance from an experienced attorney throughout your divorce process.

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