How much is a divorce in virginia tipsIf you find yourself asking “How much is a divorce in Virginia?” the question can only be answered after considering the factors involved in the divorce. Some divorce processes are extremely costly, but it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone.

This guide will provide you with a brief overview of the factors affecting the costs of divorce.

How Much Is a Divorce in Virginia?

The average divorce cost in Virginia is around $14,000. This is not a fixed cost as it can vary with the circumstances involved in the case. This constant cost may include the filing fee, which is around $200, and the fluctuating factor is the attorney’s fee, which is $350 per hour.

– Filing Fee

Unless you are granted a waiver, you must pay a filing fee when submitting your divorce complaint and supporting documents. In Virginia, divorce filing costs range from county to county but are often under $100.

Beyond the filing fee, the price of your divorce will depend on your case’s specifics. In particular, whether you can apply for an uncontested divorce, which would enable you to have a DIY divorce because you and your partner have already reached an agreement on all of the legal problems.

if you’ll need to engage a lawyer to handle your divorce, your cost will include how much they bill by the hour and how long it will take them to settle your case’s problems.

– Divorce Lawyer

In a typical Virginia divorce, a full-scope attorney costs between $12,000 and $14,000 (based on minimum hourly rates). However, depending on the specifics of your case, particularly the type and volume of disagreements you have with your spouse, you can wind up paying much less or much more.

However, because they may be able to resolve problems more quickly, attorneys with more in-depth, specialized knowledge in family law may typically charge higher hourly fees than attorneys with less experience.

– Types of Divorce

A typical, contested divorce is much more expensive than an uncontested divorce. That’s because a lot of couples can complete an uncontested divorce without engaging attorneys to represent them, which results in significant savings over the average divorce expense.

The court charge for filing the divorce papers will be the primary outlay for a no fault-based divorce . Virginia filing costs might vary from county to county, but they typically cost around $90.

The Circuit Court Civil Filing Fee Calculator for Virginia can be used to determine the filing costs where you intend to file. By submitting a “Petition for Proceeding in a No-Fault Divorce Without Payment of Fees or Costs,” you can ask for a waiver if you are unable to pay the fees.

What Are the Factors Which Escalate the Divorce Costs in Virginia?

Costs in a Virginia divorce might increase for a variety of reasons such as asset division, child custody, and alimony. These can result in a divorce costing more than the typical, but the process gets more difficult and more expensive if more of the conditions listed below are present.

– Asset Division

It goes without saying that divorces involving property division will always cost more than a simple divorce. This applies in particular to couples with high net worth and those who resolve their disputes in court right away rather than out of court. According to recent reports, these kinds of divorces in Virginia can cost over $20,500, not including the $16,700 in legal fees.

Divorce costs will always be higher for couples with several vehicles, homes, and accounts (savings, brokerages, and retirement), as these couples will require more financial evaluations from attorneys, tax professionals, and appraisers. Costs for each of these services will rise significantly.

– Child Custody

The cost of a divorce involving children can be up to 50 percent more expensive than a divorce without children, making this the most expensive category for divorce costs in Virginia.

Divorce with minor children can cost up to $21,900, not including the $18,400 in legal fees. However, if a couple can settle their dispute without going to trial, the expenses of the divorce will also be greatly reduced.

– Alimony Dispute

The cost of an alimony battle will be more than that of a typical divorce. Therefore, the cost of such a divorce in Virginia might reach up to $21,000 combined with $16,700 in attorney fees because couples frequently disagree on how much the working and non-working spouse earns when alimony disagreements arise.

It’s vital to keep in mind that in these types of cases, setting up a settlement or even a trial can be fairly expensive owing to the expense of employing vocational analysts and financial specialists and examining their conclusions. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that spouses frequently demand higher alimony amounts, which leads to the other spouse challenging the request, which escalates the expense of the divorce significantly.

– Other Costs

Your expenditures will differ from filing fees if you choose to divorce “pure” on your own or if you require assistance. For supplying and finishing the divorce forms and settlement agreement, online divorce firms normally charge between $150 and $500.

Mediation costs can vary greatly depending on the quantity and complexity of the issues that need to be resolved if you require assistance in reaching a settlement agreement. The average total cost is between $3,000 and $8,000, with each spouse typically covering half of that amount.

You’ll likely need to spend a few hundred dollars to hire a professional to draft the required special court order known as a “qualified domestic relations order” if you’re sharing retirement savings linked to your work.

Divorce lawyers should, if at all possible, evaluate your settlement agreements to ensure that it is reasonable and upholds your rights. In some circumstances, especially if you have complex financial assets, it might make sense to have a lawyer or other professional draft the agreement. The price will depend on the lawyer’s hourly fee and the time required, but it ought to be far less expensive than hiring a family law attorney to handle all of the divorce’s legal issues.

– Reducing Costs

You have no control over some aspects that determine how much a divorce will cost, like the local cost of living. There are, however, a few ways you may take to reduce the expense of your divorce.

First, try to avoid conflict as much as you can during your divorce. Couples should attempt to come to an agreement through mediation before taking their case to court because going to trial is expensive. Each party will have to pay more in attorney fees, court filing expenses, and expert witness fees if the case goes to trial.

The best grounds for filing for divorce should be discussed with your lawyer. The option in your case may be to file for a divorce based on living apart for the required time if you decide you do not want to argue over the grounds for divorce. It’s advantageous to reduce the expense of your divorce by carefully observing these suggestions.

Is an Attorney Necessary for a Virginia Divorce?

No, an attorney is not necessary; the Legal Aid of Virginia organization offers a DIY divorce kit that includes a worksheet and filing instructions.

– Specifics

However, keep in mind that, depending on your circumstances, you might not be able to utilise this worksheet. On their website, you can also use a search engine to see if you qualify for Virginia legal assistance based on your income.

Divorce mediation can assist you in settling disputes and finding common ground if you want the money and time benefits of an uncontested divorce but are having problems reaching an understanding with your spouse. A written agreement you’ve made will normally be prepared by the mediator at the conclusion of the procedure.

Although it is not technically necessary to hire an attorney for a divorce case, each spouse should do so if there are any potentially contentious problems, if property rights need to be established, or if child custody is in question.

Can You File for Divorce Online in Virginia?

Yes; you might consider an online divorce service that will send you the completed paperwork based on your questionnaire responses. This is if you have achieved a complete agreement but still need more assistance with the uncontested divorce documents than you can get from the court.

– More Information

Of course, certain divorces call for the assistance of a lawyer. You’ll need to go to court to have a judge decide the disagreements for you if you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement on any of the legal matters involved in dissolving your marriage.

Your divorce will take longer and will be more expensive if you need to go to court. Therefore, it is always in your best interests to take all reasonable steps to reach a settlement agreement that is equitable for both you and your spouse.


Divorce costs might vary from case to case, so you might spend significantly less or more than the usual amount. Make sure you comprehend what determines the cost of divorce if you want to keep expenses to a minimum.How much is a divorce in virginia all you need to know

  • In Virginia, divorce filing costs range from county to county but are often under $100. Beyond the filing fee, the price of your divorce will depend on your case’s particulars, for example, whether it is an uncontested or a DIY divorce.
  • Due to the lack of having to pay a lawyer for countless trips to court, having an uncontested divorce is cheaper.
  • If you and your partner have differences or disagree on major things like child support and custody, property division, and spousal support disputes, then your divorce will take longer and cost more if you need to go to court.
  • Mediation can assist you in resolving disputes and finding common ground if you want the cost- and time-saving benefits of an uncontested case but are having problems reaching an understanding with your spouse.
  • You could also file for divorce online via the court’s website by filing certain forms and answering the main questions.

To guarantee that your rights are upheld during the divorce process, attorneys will be by your side. Negotiating a divorce settlement is in your best interests for a cost-effective divorce, and this guide will help you put forth unwavering effort along with your attorney’s help.

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