How much is a divorce in va all you need to knowHow Much Is a Divorce in Virginia? Getting a divorce in Virginia can cost as little as a few hundred to tens of thousands. Filing and attorney fees make up the bulk of divorce costs, while the type of divorce also determines how much the process will cost.

Divorce costs differ from one county to another depending on the county’s fee schedule and a couple’s divorce process. Read on as this article explores the various fees and factors that determine the cost of divorce in VA.

How Much Is a Divorce in Va?

The average cost of divorce in Virginia ranges from about $12,000 to $14,000; however, you may spend more or less depending on the circumstances of your case. On the other hand, the filing would be below $100 in the state of VA.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Divorce?

If both, you and your spouse are thinking of a divorce, it is important to find ways of getting a fast divorce without falling into debt. Some of the factors that may potentially determine the cost of your divorce include:

– Type of Divorce

Every divorcing couple wishes to terminate their marriage through a quick, inexpensive process. Depending on how you deal with the financial, legal, and practical details of terminating your marriage, your divorce may be contested or uncontested.

Uncontested divorces in VA can save you time and money, but you must meet certain requirements to file this type of divorce in Virginia. Generally, you can only file an uncontested divorce on “no-fault” grounds.

The main costs associated with these divorces are filing fees, change of name, and possibly, mediator fees. For instance, a divorcing couple in Fairfax County will pay about $86 in filing fees and an extra $108 if the divorce involves resuming their maiden name.

If the case seems like you and your spouse don’t seem to agree on all these issues, you could consider mediation to help you find common ground. Mediators can help you prepare a written settlement agreement that will come in handy during the finalization of your divorce.

Hiring a mediator for your uncontested divorce raises the cost of your divorce. Most mediators in Virginia work on an hourly rate, which is about $300 to $350.

A contested divorce in Virginia is mostly a fault divorce where there is a dispute within the terms of the divorce, and it is not uncommon for such divorces to involve an attorney. For full-scope representation, a typical divorce in VA will cost $12,000 to $14,000. However, the cost could be less or more depending on the nature of your case and the contentious issues.

– Number of Parties Involved in the Divorce Case

The divorce costs will also depend on the number of parties involved. If you and your spouse hire lawyers for your divorce case, you’ll probably spend more time in court, which will likely increase your divorce’s overall legal costs.

If children are involved, you may also be required to hire a lawyer or mediator to help you reach an agreement regarding the custody and visitation schedule. Hiring a mediator can range from $150 to $300 per hour, depending on their experience level. These fees would add up quickly if you have several meetings scheduled over several weeks.

The other party may also require you to obtain the services of a forensic accountant if the divorce is contentious, involves a significant division of assets, or if your assets are closely held or are illiquid. A forensic accountant will help determine the fair value of your assets and make a reasonable allocation of property between the parties. The average cost of hiring an accountant is $200 per hour.

Suppose you have children who will be affected by the outcome of the divorce. In that case, you need to keep in mind that you will need to hire a child custody evaluator to determine a suitable custody arrangement for your children based on their ages, preferences, and other important factors.

The cost of a child custody evaluation depends on the jurisdiction in which the evaluation takes place and the number of reports required by the court. A report that summarizes the results of an evaluation typically costs between $1,000 and $2,500.

– Jurisdiction

The location of where the divorce will take place may also affect the overall cost of your divorce. If both of you live in the same state and have relatively amicable relationships, you would be able to file for an uncontested divorce without hiring a lawyer and saving a significant amount of money in the process, as these would impact the cost of your case.

However, if you live in different states, you may be required to hire a divorce lawyer to handle the case and present it to the court. This could increase the cost of the divorce significantly as you will have to pay for travel expenses as well.

– The Complexity of the Case

Divorce cases are often characterized by various issues, such as child support and custody, property division, and spousal support. The number of issues you have to resolve in your case may determine how much you pay before completing the divorce process.

If you and your spouse have to solve your issues through litigation, you’ll likely hire one or several professionals for the process. Remember that the more complex your case is, the longer the process drags and the higher the costs will likely be.

How Can the Costs Be Minimized During Divorce?

Keep records of your expenses that may be associated with filing for divorce. That includes legal fees, court costs, and other fees that accompany a divorce. You should also keep track of any debts you have incurred during the marriage so that you can accurately calculate the amount of debt you will be required to share with your spouse after the divorce is finalized.

Try and compromise the terms of the divorce with your spouse before filing for the divorce in court. For instance, you can negotiate a “no-fault” divorce and avoid going to court if you and your ex-spouse can agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce without having to litigate the matter in front of a judge, as this would save you more money.

Lastly, you must do your research and be mindful about it, before taking any big decisions, take the time to learn more about divorce laws and the various options available to you. Find a reputable divorce attorney in your area and ask for an estimate of the total cost of the divorce. This will help you estimate the funds you will need to file for your divorce successfully and promptly.


While the divorce process is majorly emotionally draining, the financial stress that results from the process can’t be overlooked. This article has provided the information to guide you regarding the costs of a divorce in Virginia when preparing for one, so here’s what you should remember:How much is a divorce in va what to expect

  • The cost of a divorce in VA depends on the type of divorce, it could be up to $14,000.
  • Uncontested divorces are less costly due to the expedited process and less contentious issues.
  • Contested divorces have more issues, and you’ll most likely need legal representation, making the divorce process more expensive.
  • Generally, contested divorces are more expensive than uncontested divorces due to the many issues involved and the potential need for legal representation.

When you mention divorce, what comes into mind almost immediately is how much it will cost. Coming up with an agreement can help you avoid hefty divorce costs while working with an experienced family law attorney would be able to help you understand the potential cost of your divorce.

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