How Much Is a Divorce in Tennessee: A Brief Divorce Cost Analysis

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How much is a divorce in tennessee all you need to knowHow much is a divorce in Tennessee? It can be a costly process if proper legal guidance is not provided. Thus, read this article to get a proper understanding of the financial costs involved in a divorce. It will help you to complete the process efficiently and effectively.

How Much Is a Divorce in Tennessee?

The average cost of a divorce in Tennessee is $8000 to $10,000, with court costs and other legal expenses. If you have alimony or property division concerns, budget about $17,000. A divorce lawsuit involving issues of child support and child custody will cost the most, at $20,000.

What Are the Factors of Divorce in Tennessee?

Various factors contribute to the divorce cost such as the filing fees, whether you will have a contested or an uncontested divorce, and additional fees such as private investigators or even mediators. These factors would add to the fee of your divorce.

– The Divorce Filing Fees

Every spouse who starts a divorce lawsuit must pay a filing fee to the court. Depending on the jurisdiction, this cost in Tennessee goes from $205 to roughly $280. When the plaintiff gives the Clerk of the Courts the divorce papers, the fee must be paid. The clerk assigns a case number when you pay the filing cost, thus starting the divorce procedure.

Additionally, you have the choice to hire a mediator to assist you in reaching a just agreement for your filing. A mediator often charges $100 to $200 per hour. When spouses are unable to communicate properly or when a third party impartial is required to keep the conversation on track, mediation is a fantastic choice.

Further, it may also include mediation fees in which each side pays half of the mediator’s hourly rate, which is normally determined by the length of the mediation.

Financially struggling spouses who are unable to pay the filing cost may ask for an exception. They can submit the Request to Postpone Filing costs and Order form, which is a special form for fee waivers.

– Contested Divorce vs. Uncontested Divorce Cost

Your divorce might eventually cost you between $17,000 and $20,000 in case of a contested divorce. This amount will increase, the more difficult your case is and the more you and your spouse challenge the specifics of the settlement agreement.

However, You should file for a contested divorce even if there are no serious problems in your marriage but your husband is opposed to it. This indicates that one party “contests” or objects to the divorce.

Even though contested divorces cost more time and money to complete, you will finally get divorced. No spouse has the right to halt a contested divorce merely because they disagree with it.

However, if you want to avoid exorbitant charges, an uncontested divorce is your best option. The option of an “uncontested divorce” is available to couples. This indicates that while there are “no faults” in any one spouse, there are general, irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Which would cost around $220.

Even if your marriage is ending due to infidelity, cruelty, abuse, desertion, or other major problems, you can choose to apply for an uncontested divorce regardless of who is at fault. As a result, you will save time and money during the divorce process as the majority of issues are settled before you even file.

If establishing your spouse’s guilt is crucial to you, your lawyer can devise a plan to gather evidence and bring witnesses to demonstrate their crime. Both the price and duration of this process will increase.

– Investigators

Other expenses may include the private investigator fees as in order to help gather evidence for your divorce, it may occasionally be necessary to engage a private investigator.

Private investigators frequently bill by the hour and demand a minimal payment up front to begin, much like expert witnesses. The cost of hiring a PI can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on how long you require their services.

How To Reduce the Cost of Divorce in Tennessee?

You can reduce the cost of the divorce in Tennessee in several ways, one of which is to avoid a trial, you may use an online divorce service, you can communicate your way out of a divorce, and lastly, you can even do some of the workloads by yourself.

– Avoid a Trial

Avoiding court and using online divorce services are the two best ways to reduce the cost of your divorce.

Due to the fact that both spouses have previously come to an agreement on all aspects of the divorce, uncontested divorces are very inexpensive and quick. Compared to conventional divorce, it means fewer court appearances, expenses for attorneys, and filing charges.

This would be considered Tennessee’s requirements for an uncontested divorce, which would mean the couples do not have any minor children, children over the age of 18 who are still in school, or children with disabilities; at least one spouse has resided in Tennessee for at least six months.

If the wife is not presently expecting a baby, or if both partners desire to end their marriage. Additionally, the couple does not jointly own any real estate, enterprises, structures, or retirement benefits. Lastly, if the parties were in early agreement regarding the division of property, spousal support, and child custody.;

The requirements for a Tennessee uncontested divorce are not met by a married couple if they are not able to reach an agreement on all of the divorce-related matters.

– Communicate Your Concerns

If you and your spouse have further reached a deadlock in your discussions, you might feel that you can no longer handle your own divorce. Simply said, this is untrue. You can still handle your own divorce; all you might need is a mediator’s assistance to help you both reach an agreement on this matter.

When negotiations between two people are unsuccessful, they may seek mediation. The benefits of addressing problems often outweigh the mediator’s expenses. You will always spend more money if you choose to go to court.

– Do Some of the Workload Yourself or Hire a Paralegal

By using paralegals, you can drastically save legal costs. Paralegals typically offer lower rates for their services and are knowledgeable about the fundamentals of Tennessee divorce laws. Apart from admitted attorneys, law firms frequently have numerous associates. You can keep the cost of legal services down by giving them less difficult but nonetheless important jobs.

It’s important to remember that your divorce charges will also depend on where your attorney is located. Travel time is frequently billed by attorneys. Therefore, you can save money on legal fees by selecting a lawyer close to the courthouse.


– How Much Would a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, an attorney typically charges between $200 and $300 per hour. This is the typical fee for a skilled lawyer. Due to the utilization of paralegals and other legal employees by firms to handle divorce paperwork, you can notice different (and less expensive) hourly rates on periodic bills.

Family law attorneys typically receive hourly compensation, and the hours are recorded throughout the case. A contract putting the attorney on retainer is required in order to hire them. If the divorce process is uncomplicated and the parties have already reached an agreement, certain law firms will offer flat-fee divorces.

You’ll probably receive bills as the divorce’s expenses mount. As you battle for a just settlement in your divorce agreement, you should keep this in mind.


It makes sense to be concerned about the cost of divorce. Even though it’s crucial to look for value in legal counsel, less expensive isn’t always preferable. Low flat fee divorce attorneys frequently have large caseloads in order to make up for it, giving each case little attention. Similar to how avoiding litigation can lower the expense of your divorce, being overly eager to do so can harm your negotiating position. Further, we conclude the following:How much is a divorce in tennessee what to expect

  • You can use various cost-effective methods for divorce like mediation instead of going to the courts.
  • In Tennessee, an attorney typically charges between $200 and $300 per hour. This is the fee for a skilled lawyer.
  • In Tennessee you can pursue a divorce without the help of an attorney by following certain legal instructions, thereby reducing the cost.
  • In Tennessee, filing costs can range from $200 to $400 depending on the county. Each county’s website has a list of its filing fees. Service fees, copy costs, and mediation fees are additional associated expenses. Service fees typically cost $75.
  • One of the most difficult and significant experiences you will go through in life is filing for divorce. A divorce attorney can assist you in the process and defend your rights. You can identify local family lawyers to meet with using attorney directories.

Many provide free initial phone or in-person consultations. However, generally, this article covers the notion of cost-effective ways to complete your divorce process.

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