How Much Is a Divorce in Oklahoma: Financial Guidance

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How much is a divorce in oklahoma what to expectHow much is a divorce in Oklahoma? It is better to be prepared for your finances related to divorce than to leave it for the end. This article provides you with all the cost-related factors and considerations to be made while pursuing a divorce in Oklahoma, and the cost of divorce in Oklahoma.

How Much Is a Divorce in Oklahoma?

A Divorce in Oklahoma is more than $9000, which includes the average filing fees of around $180 other expenses, and attorney fees. When considering how much does divorce cost in Oklahoma, consider the attorney fees per hour may be between 200$ and 300$. The attorney fees may vary from case to case.

What Are the Financial Costs of an Oklahoma Divorce?

There are numerous variables that affect divorce costs in Oklahoma; no two divorces are the same. Costs associated with divorce can range from being very high in circumstances of high conflict or high net worth divorce to being very low if you represent yourself.

The inability of the parties to work along, bringing tension into the divorce proceedings, disputes over child custody, and asset disputes are all factors that might raise the cost of your divorce. Any quarrel can raise expenses. Following are the factor that affects the financial aspect of divorce:

– Filing and Court Costs

The filing fee for a divorce in Oklahoma is one inescapable expense. The divorce filing fee in Oklahoma varies a little bit; in Oklahoma County, for example, it is $183.70 whether there are minor children involved or not. Similar prices in other counties in Oklahoma range from five to 10 dollars difference in prices. There are also other filing expenses that this price does not cover. For instance, there is an extra charge if a sheriff or a process server is required to serve the divorce documents, etc.

– Child Custody and Support

In some counties in Oklahoma, parents who have children must also fight child custody. The specifics and costs of these courses vary by country, but they often cost $200 per hearing.

Child support is yet another significant expense associated with divorce, especially if you and your spouse have dependent children. In a temporary order, the non-custodial parent will certainly be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. Only in situations when the non-custodial parent earns much less than the custodial parent does that parent does not have to pay child support which would be due to unemployment, for instance.

Spousal support makes up a sizable amount of the overall expense of a divorce, along with child support. In Oklahoma, there are two forms of spousal support: alimony, which is paid after the divorce is finalized, and interim spousal support, which is only paid while the divorce is in process.

Generally speaking, it’s quite impossible to forecast what spousal support obligations would be. Support payments are based on your situation and financial capabilities. The support payments will probably be greater if you and your spouse are financially successful than if you make less money.

– Property Division

The unavoidable split of marital property is the last expense of an Oklahoma divorce. Each spouse has a say in the split in uncontested or collaborative divorces, so the process is open and usually painless. However, the partition of property can be a contentious issue in contested divorces.

Although only a judge can determine who will receive what property, an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney would give you a notion of what the division procedure will entail.

– Educating About Divorce

The advent of divorce education seminars has recently changed the price of divorce in Oklahoma. If a divorcing spouse has dependent children at the time of filing, they have 45 days from the date of receipt of their temporary order to finish “divorce school.” These courses are intended to inform parents about how to minimize any negative impacts of divorce on children as well as how their children may react to the change. According to this regulation, which goes into effect on November 1st, 2014, these classes must cost between $15 and $60.

Some nations in Oklahoma also demand that parents who have kids take a parenting course. The specifics and costs of these courses vary by country, but they often cost $20 to $30 per person. A judge may waive these classes in certain cases. Waivers are rare, although the majority of parents are required to complete them.

What Are Divorce Filing Fees and General Attorney Fees by State?

The current average filing fee in Oklahoma is $272 and 14 cents if you need one dollar as a server on the opposing side of a divorce and need to file paperwork. In addition, that is simply the fee for having the summons issued and filled out. If you want to serve that summons on the other party, you can do so using certified mail, which is slightly more expensive.

Through a process server, you can do it. Process servers often charge between $50 and $100, sometimes even more in more complicated instances. So those are the essential expenses.

If you have a hearing, you should invite a court reporter to be present. There is a cost for the court reporter; it’s often $20. They charge per page for that transcript if you want to purchase it. The transcript costs, in my opinion, three and a half dollars per page. Therefore, they are some of the expenses to anticipate. The mediator will charge a fee if you use divorce mediation unless the mediator is a volunteer, but that is the overall notion.

If your divorce is uncontested, you’ll probably only have to pay the filing and court costs. However, if your divorce is contentious, you’ll require the help of an experienced family lawyer.

It can be difficult to find a decent family lawyer and hiring one might be expensive. The hourly rates for some lawyers can reach several hundred dollars. In Oklahoma, a medium hourly rate for a lawyer is between $151 and $279. Depending on the sort of lawyer, prices change.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in Oklahoma?

If you are going through the process of an uncontested divorce without small children, the divorce can be finalized in less than ten days and the cost can be around $100. The waiting period in these divorces involving shared children is 90 days.

Uncontested divorce in Oklahoma can be a very straightforward process as long as everyone is in agreement. Even a lawyer is not required, and the costs for this divorce in Oklahoma without children can be as low as $75 or $150 if you file via an online divorce platform.


– Can You File for Divorce Without a Lawyer in Oklahoma?

Having a lawyer may be a good idea, but there is no legal obligation to do so. If they have the skills, anyone can advocate for themselves in court. The first benefit is that you won’t have to pay for legal representation. if you are familiar with the procedures and how to prepare the documentation.

It is crucial to first comprehend the gravity of divorce and why looking for the cheapest divorce lawyer is the very last thing you should do. Your level of comfort with the lawyer should be a deciding factor.

Many lawyers do provide payment plans that are dependent on clients’ financial circumstances. It is impossible to foresee how many hours your divorce case would take, and it is even more difficult to predict that amount in the first meeting, so be skeptical of any divorce attorney that offers a flat-rate fee.


Hiring a lawyer is the best approach to getting a divorce. At the beginning of the case, the majority of attorneys demand a retainer or deposit. The deposit is then applied as an hourly fee by the lawyer. You can get in touch with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. if you cannot afford counsel. Further, we conclude the following:

  • How much is a divorce in oklahoma all you need to knowThe charges related to your divorce’s judicial proceedings are expenses you cannot avoid. Depending on your situation, the Court filing fee for divorce ranges from $176 to $191.
  • In Oklahoma, divorce classes are now required if the couple has young children. These courses range in price from $15 to $60.
  • You must pay a filing fee in order to start a divorce. The expense of serving documents is higher. The sum depends on the technique you employ. You can submit a pauper’s affidavit if you are unable to pay the court fees.
  • Your financial position is described in a pauper’s affidavit. The judge will allow you to file your case without paying any fees if they determine that you are financially stable.
  • You can file for divorce in Oklahoma Pro Se, which is Latin for “for self,”. You will need to draught the paperwork and get a good understanding of how to file, where to file, and who to visit at the Court Clerk’s office.

The cost of your divorce will depend on how contentious your situation is. Hiring a knowledgeable and professional divorce lawyer guarantees the protection of your rights and clarifies all required and pointless procedures in the process. We hope now your divorce process may complete smoothly without any financial queries.

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