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How much is a divorce in louisiana what to expectHow Much is a Divorce in Louisiana? Anyone who has been through a divorce in Louisiana knows that the process can be expensive and fraught with complications. In truth, divorce costs can be pretty high – especially if you have children involved.

Spouses need to address various issues before finalizing their divorce, which can lead to significant legal bills for both parties. In this article, we provide a detailed breakdown of Louisiana divorce costs to help put things in perspective and help you make better-informed financial decisions before filing for divorce.

How Much is a Divorce in Louisiana?

Divorce in Louisiana would cost $2,500 and would go up to $50,000. The reason why is that the divorce filing fees would cost between $150 to $600, and the legal fees per hour would be up to $300 as the mediation fees are $200 an hour.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Divorce in Louisiana?

In most Louisiana divorces, spouses will almost always have to deal with the following issues that potentially affect the cost of their divorce:

– Child Custody and Support

Any divorce involving minor children will inevitably include child custody and support issues. Louisiana law mandates courts to consider the best interests of a child when making custody decisions. In general, the court will attempt to make a decision allowing the child to have a healthy relationship with both parents. These fees would be $50-$200 in counseling or therapy session fees.

The process of deciding custody may involve experts like psychologists who examine the relationship between the children and the parents and make recommendations to the court regarding the best custody arrangement for the children. Because this process may be challenging, complex and time-consuming, parents engaged in a custody dispute should be prepared to pay additional fees and expenses to cover these costs.

Courts may also order child support to be paid by one parent to the other to help support their children following a divorce. The court-ordered child support amount will depend on several factors, including the child’s needs, the parents’ incomes, and other factors relevant to the case. Parents who are required to pay child support should be prepared to make monthly payments until the child attains the age of majority.

– Division of Assets

Sometimes, divorcing parties get involved in lengthy disputes over the distribution of marital property. In other cases, the assets‘ real value may be unknown, and it might be necessary to hire an expert to determine their value and the amount of marital debt. The cost of the appraisal adds to the costs of divorce since it is often necessary to obtain several appraisals for various assets to determine the total value of the marital estate, these would depend up on your assets.

Louisiana is known to be a community property state, meaning all marital property is owned equally by the parties and must be divided equally during a divorce. It is generally less costly for spouses to resolve disputes over the division of assets without involving the courts. However, if it is impossible to reach an agreement about the division of marital property, then it may be important to begin court proceedings to resolve the issue.

– Spousal Support or Alimony

The court may grant spousal support or alimony to a financially dependent spouse during and after divorce to ensure that the party supports themselves until they become self-supporting. As such, support payments add to the total cost of divorce and must be paid for the ordered period.

The longer it takes to litigate your divorce, the higher the attorney fees will be. On the other hand, couples who agree on all the terms of the divorce and file an uncontested divorce often pay lower fees.

How To Avoid an Expensive Divorce in Louisiana?

There are ways that you can avoid the expenses, which are to consider getting a prenup, to enter into a settlement agreement, to evaluate the legal fees, to fil for an uncontested divorce, and lastly, to consider a divorce mediation.

– Consider a Prenup

Couples contemplating marriage may avoid the risk of a costly divorce in the future by entering into a prenuptial agreement before their marriage that will outline the terms of the distribution of their assets during the event of a divorce. Initiating a prenuptial agreement will minimize the risk of a prolonged and costly legal battle should the marriage end prematurely.

– Enter Into a Settlement Agreement

Be willing to negotiate a settlement with your spouse instead of taking your matter to court. Endless arguments only add fuel to the fire and may even make the divorce process longer and more acrimonious than it already is. Although it may be more difficult to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution on your own, it is possible to compromise and resolve the conflict civilly to expedite the process and protect your finances.

– Evaluate Your Need for Legal Representation

Decide whether you need full legal representation. One of the ways to avoid incurring attorney fees is to represent yourself. However, remember that self-representation does not absolve you from your obligations to the court or your soon-to-be ex-spouse. If you decide that you want to represent yourself in court, you will be responsible for preparing the necessary documents, filing them on time, appearing at all required hearings, and managing your case throughout the legal proceedings.

Since representing yourself can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who specializes in Louisiana divorce law. Ask your family lawyer about their consultation services and whether they can represent you on a flat-fee basis to minimize your legal fees.

– File an Uncontested Divorce

Prioritize filing an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces allow parties to resolve all their issues quickly and at a lower cost than a traditional divorce. Keep in mind that, in an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree to resolve all your property and child custody issues without litigation. If you reach an agreement on these issues with your spouse before you file your petition with the court, you will only need to appear before the court once to make your final settlement official.

– Consider Divorce Mediation

Even if some divorce issues are contested, you can seek the services of a mediator who can help you settle these issues out of court at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney. The mediation process can help you save thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on attorney’s fees. It can also result in a fair and equitable settlement agreement that protects your financial interests and your relationship with your children.

While it might seem counterintuitive, many couples choose to remain married despite their differences because of the prohibitive costs of divorce. This is mainly because some spouses can’t maintain the lifestyle they had become accustomed to when married. These couples decide against giving up the benefits of staying together due to the high divorce costs and therefore choose not to pursue a divorce.


If you and your spouse have had a strained relationship for some time, you know that divorce might be inevitable. With a divorce looming, you and your spouse should be aware of its financial implications. This article has highlighted divorce-related issues that may contribute to divorce costs and how you can keep these costs down. Here is a summary of that discussion:How much is a divorce in louisiana all you need to know

  • Divorce costs are determined by the need for legal representation, the complexity of your case, and divorce-related issues such as child support and property division.
  • If you file an uncontested divorce, you can still expect to meet court fees and process server fee, which is about $50-$200 in Louisiana.
  • Solving issues amicably with your spouse and retaining the services of a mediator can help you avoid an expensive divorce.

Before filing a divorce petition in Louisiana, it is important to understand that your decision can significantly impact your finances. If you’re not sure how a divorce will impact your finances, you’re better off working out an agreement with your spouse and retaining the services of an experienced Louisiana divorce attorney.

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