How long does a divorce take in ga what you need to knowHow long does a divorce take in Georgia? The most typical reason for a divorce to go on is that you and your spouse cannot agree on significant issues.

Money, property, child custody, visitation, and other disputes take time to resolve. Read this article to know how these factors might affect your divorce timeline.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Georgia?

In Georgia, most no-fault divorces take roughly 45 to 60 days to complete. After the petitioner files a Complaint, the period to wait is 30 days. The time it takes to complete a fault divorce depends on the intricacy of the case ranging from six months to a year.

– Factors Impacting The Length of the Divorce

The divorce duration is determined by a number of factors. For starters, the length of the divorce will be influenced by its intricacy. If you have a lot of assets, investments, or a complicated child custody dispute, for example, more time will be needed to successfully represent you and safeguard your interests.

It’s vital to remember that the length of your divorce will first be determined by whether it’s fought or uncontested.

Further, there are a variety of reasons why your spouse or their attorney would want to prolong your divorce. Before filing for divorce, if at all feasible, make a divorce strategy. You may avoid and handle frequent stumbling blocks to getting a divorce finalised if you have a sound approach. Also, the following factors influence the length of time it takes to acquire a divorce in Georgia:

  • A waiting period is required.
  • A court date is available.
  • Divorce conditions are negotiated.

What Is the Timeline for Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce?

After the statutory 30-day waiting time has passed, an uncontested marital dissolution can be granted in Georgia. The Georgia divorce waiting time is designed to allow the defendant, a spouse who has been served with divorce proceedings, to respond.

It is crucial to highlight that most couples do not experience a 30-day divorce. Due to the high volume of cases in court, even the simplest case with no property or children can take up to two months to complete.

A contentious divorce, in which the parties cannot agree on how to conclude the divorce, will take additional time. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, takes less time since the parties agree on all issues of how the divorce should be concluded.

Another consideration is the county in which your divorce is filed, because certain counties have higher caseloads, it may take longer for your divorce to be processed. If you want a more exact estimate of the length of your probable divorce, talk to an experienced divorce lawyer about it.

They can consider all of the specific facts in your case and offer a more accurate estimate of the real predicted time of your divorce case.

By its very nature, a contentious divorce may be a lengthier and more expensive procedure. Cases can run on for months or even years, and the costs of a disputed case can be astounding, resulting in one, or perhaps both, of the spouses spending some or all of the marital estate battling over different issues that need to be resolved.

How Do Child Support, Custody, Asset Division Affect the Divorce Timeline?

Property distribution, child support and custody, and spousal maintenance are all factors to consider when establishing arrangements, whether your divorce is contested or not.

Fortunately, some people recognize that their marriage has problems before a kid is born. It makes the procedure a little less difficult. They don’t have to deal with the issue of custody.

If the majority of the property is owned jointly, various concerns will inevitably develop. If one side of the partnership is richer than the other, support may be an issue.

There is still a potential that your Georgia divorce will be swift if these concerns of children, property, debts, and support can be managed and resolved outside of court.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Do I Need a Lawyer for Uncontested Divorce?

To get an uncontested divorce from start to end, you don’t need an attorney. Even if you and your spouse are making headway in resolving the issue on your own, you should still obtain legal advice or a case review to better grasp all of the finer aspects that must be handled in your divorce agreement.

However, an experienced attorney may assist you, not only in identifying the remaining issues that need to be worked out before moving ahead with an uncontested divorce, but also in giving useful alternatives for addressing any disagreements that may surface with a little direction and perspective.

You might be able to manage things on your own if there are no assets to divide and no small children involved. Even if the divorce is uncontested, you shouldn’t try to do it alone if either of these are present. If you try to work alone, you may end up losing more than the expense of hiring an attorney.

Hiring a counsel in a disputed divorce should be a no-brainer. These divorces can be extremely difficult, and if you don’t have legal representation, you may not obtain a fair result.

– What Are Georgia’s Divorce Laws and the Grounds for Divorce?

Georgia’s family law says that at least one spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months before filing for divorce. Furthermore, divorce in the state is mostly no-fault, with irreconcilable differences being the most prevalent basis for divorce.

These precise grounds indicate that the couples are unable to communicate and that their marriage has come to an end. Habitual alcoholism, forceful or fraudulent marriage, incarceration, abandonment, incurable mental disease, and adultery are all grounds for divorce.


So, how long does it take in Georgia to get divorced? It normally takes 45 days on average to achieve a web divorce or an uncontested divorce (online or otherwise). However, Divorce cases can go on for years, especially if both parties are fighting tooth and nail. Further, we conclude the following:How long does a divorce take in ga tips

  • The length of time might vary depending on the court and the availability of the judge. While this may not sound like the speedy divorce you were hoping for when you went online, it is still far faster than contested divorces.
  • The timing of your divorce is determined by a number of circumstances. For starters, the length of the divorce will be influenced by its intricacy. If you have a lot of assets, investments, or a complicated custody dispute, for example, more time will be needed to successfully represent you and safeguard your interests.
  • It is not required that you hire a lawyer. Representing oneself, on the other hand, is not a good idea. You’re not likely to be aware of all the legal obligations, and this will be a very emotional event for you. It’s important to consult with a seasoned lawyer who can manage all of your legal issues.
  • There is no requirement for a settlement agreement in Georgia and the divorce process can be started irrespective of the residency requirements of the parties.

Read this article to know the right time to file your divorce petition and start your case in a court of law.

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