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2018 Catalyst Conference Proposals
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The 2018 Catalyst Conference will provide a forum to foster new ways for divorce financial planners, mediators, attorneys, and other divorce professionals to work together. Our goal is to encourage a synergistic, multidisciplinary approach as we all work to provide exceptional results for separating and divorcing couples. We are very excited to convene this unique gathering of allied divorce professionals about the new ideas we will generate together. 

This year we're excited to welcome the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) to participate and be involved in the conference. We are looking for proposals from members of APFM to demonstrate the use of mediation in divorce cases and how mediators and divorce financial professionals can work together to the benefit of the professionals and the clients.

This is an opportunity for you to share some of your thoughts, expertise, innovations, and research findings with our larger community. Below are some topic ideas to get you thinking:

Skill building for both novices and advanced practitioners    Determining Appropriate Amounts of Spousal Support 
Dealing with Impasses, "Hopeless" Cases and "Difficult Clients   Building and Marketing Your Practice 
Trading the Marital Residence for Retirement Assets - Financial & Tax Issues    Debt and the Marital Residence 
Divorce Financial Planners working with Mediators or Other Professionals    QDROs vs. DROs 
Mediators Working with Other Professionals    Pre-nups, Post-nups, and Marital Mediation 
Tracing Separate Property    High Conflict Relationships 
Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans - Avoiding Penalties    Alternative Minimum Tax 
Dependency Exemptions with Associated Tax Credits & Adjustments to Income    Mediation Skills & Techniques  
Tax Treatment of the Marital Residence vs. Other Real Estate     Comparative Analysis of Pension Payout Options  
Social Security Optimization in Divorce    Assigning and Allocating Dependency Exemptions 
Hidden Income and Assets    When the Marital Residence is Under Water 
Economic Misconduct    Transmutation 
Allocating Spousal Support, Child Support, and Other Post-Divorce Obligations    Income Available for Support 
Child Contingency Rule & Re-characterization of Alimony    Vacation Homes 
Blended Family Issues    Parents and Children 
Elder, Estate & Sibling Issues - Families Going Through Transitions of Aging    Ethics and Standards 
Investment Property     Domestic Violence and Power Imbalance 
Handling Financial Issues (Trusts, Executive Comp, Unusual Assets)             Behavioral and Psychological Issues Dealing with Money 
Seemingly and Really Complex Tax Issues    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues 
Never-Married and Same-Gender Couples     Online Family Mediation 
Expanding Your Mediation Practice, Elder, Adoption, Child Protection, etc.    Practice and Case Management  
Roles of the Forensic Accountant and the Traditional Accountant     Staff Management Issues and Opportunities  
Roles of the Divorce Financial Planner in the Divorce Process    Research Reports and Updates 
Using Technology     Issues Arising in the Context of Family Business  
Succession Planning and Employee Issues in Family Business     Dealing with Capacity and Guardianship Issues 
Implications of Significant Health Issues    Bankruptcy  


Please complete the form below to submit your proposal for a presentation at our 2018 Catalyst Conference. All proposals are due May 30, 2018. 

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