Divorceandfinance.org Acquires Aboutdivorce.org

Divorceandfinance.org, the leading resource on divorce and finance-related content on the web, has acquired aboutdivorce.org.

About Aboutdivorce.org

Aboutdivorce.org was launched in 2006 and quickly rose to become one of the best and most complete legal resources on the web. Filled with valuable information on the topics of divorce, finances, laws, and even the emotional aspects of these proceedings, it has provided guidance and counsel to the thousands of readers it has amassed over the years. With this acquisition, Divorceandfinance acknowledges the importance of preserving and continuing the passion and vision of aboutdivorce.org.

About Divorceandfinance.org

Divorceandfinance.org is a comprehensive legal resource, with a team of highly-skilled and dedicated experts taking up the helm of posting and providing counsel. From its humble beginnings, the website has grown to great heights through its honest advice and helpful guidance. Aside from practical divorce advice, articles regarding common law marriage and all that it entails are also available.

The team behind Divorceandfinance understands that the most important priority when undergoing these proceedings is always the welfare of the children involved. This is why the website has a wealth of important information on topics including alimony, child custody, parents right, and more.

Going through a divorce can be a hectic and overwhelming process, but with Divorceandfinance, you will be sure to receive complete, honest, and gentle advice. Aside from the legal aspects of the process, you will also find help and guidance with the emotional burden from people who truly understand.

Founders’ Words

Here is what the founders of Divorceandfinance.org have to say about this acquisition:

“The team behind Divorceandfinance recognizes the valuable contribution that Aboutdivorce has provided to the community. In a time when accurate legal information regarding this topic was hard to find, Aboutdivorce has proven itself to be a pioneer of valuable resources. Divorceandfinance will continue to uphold and improve the work that they have started, and we can’t wait to see what this acquisition will bring to both websites.”