Avoid paying spousal support

How To Avoid Paying Spousal Support to Your Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife

There are a lot of legal ways to avoid paying spousal support. Also called alimony, spousal support can result at the...
Wife moves out before divorce

Wife Moves Out Before Divorce: How It Affects the Situation

What happens if your wife moves out before divorce? This can often be the case in marriages that get messy. In...
Health insurance after divorce

Rules on Health Insurance After Divorce: What You Need To Know

Discussing health insurance after divorce can be challenging as it raises a lot of questions from spouses who are currently going...
Paying child support

Paying Child Support Without a Court Order: Is an Agreement Valid?

Paying child support without a court order is a question that often comes up in most legal consultations. Whenever spouses who...
Pendente lite hearing

What Is Pendente Lite Relief and What Can You Expect From It?

To maintain the status quo, many people choose to file a motion for Pendente Lite relief, which also helps you and...
Divorce due irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable Differences: Detailed Explanation With Examples

Irreconcilable differences imply that a person and their spouse are unable to communicate well enough to keep their marriage intact. This...
Judge in family court

How To Speak to a Judge in Family Court: Rules and Procedures

How to speak to a judge in family court is an important question to be answered because judges are extremely stringent...
Legal advice on annulment vs divorce

Annulment vs Divorce: Are There Legal Differences to These Processes?

Annulment vs divorce is an important topic for married couples as both legal processes have a similar consequence: ending a marriage....
Divorced man driving a car

Car In Husband’s Name? Know Your Rights

What should you do if you're getting a divorce and the car is in your husband's name? Are you entitled to...
Divorce paper with a partner you havent seen

How To Divorce Someone You Haven’t Seen in Years: A Complete Guide

How to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years is a tough question to answer because it may require extra effort...

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