My lawyer is not fighting for me

My lawyer is not fighting for me: Tips and advice

It can be very frustrating when you feel that your lawyer is not fighting for you as you expect them to....
Legal separation vs divorce

Legal Separation vs Divorce: Know the Similarities and Differences

Legal separation vs divorce is a choice you need to make when you have decided to end your marriage. Choosing divorce...
Legal separation in ohio

Legal Separation in Ohio: Compliances and Rules To Be Followed

Legal separation in Ohio is a court-approved written agreement that addresses a married couple's rights and responsibilities while they are living...
Legal separation in michigan

Legal Separation in Michigan: Evaluation and Analysis of the Process

Legal separation in Michigan allows a couple to live apart for a while to evaluate if divorce is truly what they...
Legal separation in arizona

Legal Separation in Arizona: Process and Regulations To Adhere

Legal separation in Arizona is required until the couple can work out the details of their finances, property, and children. Divorce is...
When is it time to divorce

When Is It Time to Divorce: Signs To Take Into Consideration

When is it time to divorce? It depends upon different circumstances. Some may notice these implied signs; some may not. To...
Separated but living together

Separated but Living Together: Reasons and Boundaries To Follow

Separated but living together is a practice to follow when you might not be able to afford to maintain two residences,...
Legal separation in wisconsin

Legal Separation in Wisconsin: Discussing the Process

Legal separation in Wisconsin is almost identical to that of divorce. In Wisconsin, legal separation allows couples to stay married and...
Sign of a wife changing mind about divorce

Signs Wife Is Changing Mind About Divorce: Know the Difference

Looking for signs of a wife changing mind about divorce can be quite frustrating as one can’t ask their partner directly...
How to divorce a sociopath

How to Divorce a Sociopath: A Complete Legal Guide for Reference

How to divorce a sociopath is a critical question for those trapped in this toxic relationship. This disorder comes with a...

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