Divorce spelled with letters

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Divorce?

Suppose you or your spouse filed for a divorce. In that case, you are most probably wondering who is responsible for...
Conflict due to adultery

How Does Adultery Affect a Divorce? Impact & What You Need To Know

The consequences of adultery in divorce are minimal. Although they can affect court proceedings, they generally pose a minor threat to...
Man holding a document of hiding assets in a divorce

Hiding Assets in Divorce: Risks & Penalty and Consequences

Hiding assets in a divorce is a common occurrence in court proceedings when a relationship has turned volatile. Assets can include...
Children who is a victim of parental abduction

Does the Law Consider Parental Kidnapping a Crime?

Parental kidnapping cases are on the rise, and they have become a serious concern to many. We often wonder whether the...
Legaly separated man and woman

Dissolution or Divorce | What is Your Best Option?

While separation is often an emotionally tiring process, couples often choose between dissolution vs divorce to end their marriages. However, they...
Action for dismissal for want of prosecution

Action For Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution

In the spirit of improving court efficiency and credibility through the swift administration of justice, courts have always been eager to...
Stay at home dad teaching his daughter

Everything You Need to Know About “Stay-At-Home-Dads” Divorce

Past societies rarely gave any importance to “stay at home dad” divorce. Many people still view the construction of a family...
What happens if you dont sign divorce papers

What Happens if You Don’t Sign Divorce Papers?

Divorces are challenging, and when the decision to split up is not yours, you end up not signing divorce papers. It's...
Getting a divorce lawyer with no money

How To Pay For a Divorce Lawyer With No Money?

Even though divorces are often associated with high expenses, there are still ways to pay for a divorce lawyer with no...
Woman thinking of divorcing an unemployed husband

Knowing These Tips Will Make Your Divorcing an Unemployed Husband Easy

Are you thinking about divorcing an unemployed husband? You are probably wondering why the idea of divorcing your husband who won't...

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