Ex parte divorce

Ex Parte Divorce: Do I Need My Spouse Involved To Get a Divorce?

Ex parte divorce is becoming a common form of divorce for spouses that disagree or when one of the parties isn’t...
Divorcing a narcissist woman

Divorcing a Narcissist Woman: Ultimate Guide for Your Reference

Divorcing a narcissist woman requires a lot of patience because “narcissist” is frequently used colloquially to describe someone who is excessively...
Bird nesting divorce

Bird Nesting Divorce Guide: What This Means for the Family

A bird nesting divorce should be in consideration if you are separating from your partner and have kids. This is becoming a...
How to ask for a divorce

How To Ask for a Divorce: Best Way to End Your Marriage

When you finally decide it’s time to ask for a divorce from your spouse, you should do it respectfully and peacefully. Indeed,...
Who pays the qdro fees in divorce

Who Pays the QDRO Fees in Divorce: Dividing Retirement Plans

Routinely, QDRO fees in divorce should be split 50/50 between the spouses for a QDRO to be drafted. Property division during...
Prenuptial agreement maryland

Prenuptial Agreement Maryland: Laws and Process Involved

Prenuptial agreement Maryland is also called a premarital agreement is a written settlement between future spouses. These laws specify how certain issues,...
Pre divorce checklist

Pre Divorce Checklist: Essential Considerations To Be Made

Pre divorce checklist is made in order to be fully complacent with your divorce decision because divorce is a significant life...
Mutual consent divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce: Brief Analysis and Procedure Involved

Mutual consent divorce is when you terminate your marriage by submitting a mutual consent divorce petition after both parties have decided...
Who gets the dog in a divorce

Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce: Resolving the Pet Dilemma

A dog in a divorce or any other pet is considered property by the court even though we value them as...
Divorce mediation checklist

Divorce Mediation Checklist: Useful Tips for the Separation Process 

A divorce mediation checklist is necessary to keep you on track. If you have never been to mediation before and are...

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