Court appointed divorce lawyer

Can A Public Defender Represent Me In My Divorce?

You do not have a right to a public defender in divorce matters because divorce is a civil matter and public...
Married before divorce is final

Can I Get Married Before My Divorce Is Final? Here’s What the Law Says

When entering a new relationship after a failed marriage, many people wonder: Can I get married before my divorce is final?...
Legal separation vs divorce

Legal Separation vs Divorce: Know the Similarities and Differences

Legal separation vs divorce is a choice you need to make when you have decided to end your marriage. Choosing divorce...
Limited divorce

Limited Divorce and Absolute Divorce: A Complete Guide for Spouses

A limited divorce is a judicial proceeding in which the court oversees the separation of a marriage. It is usually reserved for those...
Types of divorce

Types of Divorce: How They Can Benefit You in the Long Run

Several types of divorce are available to couples wishing to go their separate ways. Choosing the right divorce will ensure you...
Man holding a document of hiding assets in a divorce

Hiding Assets in Divorce: Risks & Penalty and Consequences

Hiding assets in a divorce is a common occurrence in court proceedings when a relationship has turned volatile. Assets can include...
Legal separation in virginia

Legal Separation in Virginia: How Does It Compare to Divorce

Legal separation in Virginia allows couples to live separately without going through the divorce process. Couples who have legally separated live...
Pre divorce checklist

Pre Divorce Checklist: Essential Considerations To Be Made

Pre divorce checklist is made in order to be fully complacent with your divorce decision because divorce is a significant life...
Parents divorce in your s

How To Deal With Parents Divorce in Your 20s: What You Need To Know

How to deal with parents divorce in your 20s is a complicated question to answer. The consequences may differ from case...
Sign of a wife changing mind about divorce

Signs Wife Is Changing Mind About Divorce: Know the Difference

Looking for signs of a wife changing mind about divorce can be quite frustrating as one can’t ask their partner directly...

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