In childs best interest

Aunts Rights Child Custody: Guardianship Over Nieces or Nephews

Depending on how you look at it, aunts rights child custody can be complex, but it can also be relatively easy...
Child support court

Child Support Without Divorce: Do I Need To Pay?

Child support without divorce is a grey area. Child support refers to the sum of money the noncustodial parent must pay...
Non biological parent discussing custody rights with lawyer

Non Biological Parent Custody Rights

The issue of non-biological parent custody rights is on the rise due to the evolving concept of the family as a...
Judge issuing a temporary custody order

How Long Does a Temporary Custody Order Last?

Temporary custody order duration varies depending on the factual circumstances of a case. This article will help you learn more about...
Father who wants custody of the child to avoid child support

What if Father Wants Custody to Avoid Child Support?

When a father wants custody to avoid child support, he needs to understand it doesn't necessarily mean child support payments will...
Sad boy after the death of his mother

What Happens to the Custody of a Child After the Death of Mother?

A widespread concern many spouses or parents have is the custody of the child after the death of the mother. In...
Women reading how to win a relocation custody case

Relocation Custody Cases

To win a relocation custody case, there are many factors a parent should consider. Reasons to consider relocating a child may...
Father breaking the contempt of court child custody penalties

Contempt of Court Child Custody Penalties

Contempt of court child custody penalties usually results in fines, court-ordered supervised visitation, wage deductions, or in extreme cases, imprisonment. The grounds...

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