Can I Divorce My Wife for Not Sleeping With Me: What You Need to Know?

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Can i divorce my wife for not sleeping with me what to doCan I divorce my wife for not sleeping with me and move on to marry someone else that can help me enjoy a happier sex marriage? No, this should not always be the case since you must first address the issue with your wife and determine whether it’s possible to save your marriage from divorce.

Divorce is not always the answer, and you should consider it the last option when you’ve exhausted all the avenues to rejuvenate your love life and have your wife sleep with you.

This article will help you know whether it’s right to divorce following a sexless marriage, the appropriate time to seek a divorce and how to save your marriage following a sexless period.

Can I Divorce My Wife for Not Sleeping With Me

Yes, you can divorce your wife for not sleeping with you, although saving the marriage is the priority when sex becomes an issue. However, if your wife fails to show her effort and commitment to making things work, it’s best to determine the right time to file for a divorce.

– Your Sexual Interests Are Incompatible

You need to watch out for signs that may indicate when to walk away from sexless marriage. You might be living a sexless marriage because of the differences in sexual interests. If you try to address this issue to no avail, it may lead to a sexless marriage effect on husband.

Your conflicting sexual interests may entail different aspects. For example, one party could be more experienced than the other concerning sex matters.

Therefore, the other feels inferior and doesn’t want to engage much on issues to do with sex. Apart from that, one partner might insist on one sex style while the other wants to try new ways for enjoyment. This conflict of interest may lead to poor connection and a gradual decline in the desire for sex.

Also, your wife might refuse to have regular sex with you because she’s a survivor of sexual abuse from her previous relationship. She might find starting regular sex with you challenging because she needs gentleness and “taking it slow.” However, it’s right to seek divorce if nothing seems to work.

– Your Wife Fails To Show Her Commitment

Having determined the problem in your sex life, it’s right to start finding the solutions. For things to work out, both parties must display collaboration and a significant level of commitment. Since it’s a marital issue, it needs mutual understanding and proper communication. You need to talk more to your wife and get to know what makes her lose interest in having sex with you.

However, things might turn ugly when she doesn’t want to commit or cooperate. You can note this by her failure to find time to talk together or pretending that she’s busy somewhere else. She might also show a total lack of interest in the topic. If you try to engage her to no avail, it’s the right time to ask for a divorce and have everyone go their separate ways.

– Other Major Issues Affecting the Relationship

What could be among the signs my wife is not attracted to me? If, for instance, there’s a lack of love or affection in your relationship, your sex life will significantly be affected. You must show love and express feelings to each other to develop the urge for intercourse or other forms of sex. If that’s not the case, you’ll no longer feel attached.

During the initial stages of a  relationship, only lust can make things work out. However, this fades with time, and you’ll need ways to rejuvenate your love and, in turn, your sex life. If the problems persist, it’s time to start divorcing your wife.

– Cases of Infidelity in the Marriage

If you fail to engage in sexual activities with your wife for some time, either party might consider options like extra-marital affairs. Since a party feels dissatisfied with the love or sex offered in the marriage, they may look for it elsewhere. Although it may seem fulfilling, this gesture adds salt to the injury. It’s hard to recover from a marriage in which one party has been openly cheating.

Engaging in infidelity means that someone isn’t interested in you anymore and is looking for a way to “quench” their thirst somewhere else. If you find this is the case in your marriage, it’s the right time to file for divorce.

Should You Divorce Because of Sexless Marriage?

No, it would help if you didn’t prioritize divorcing in the wake of a sexless marriage because you still have the opportunity to address the issue with your wife and establish whether things might work out. Divorce is sometimes hurting and could do more damage than good to married couples.

– Reasons Behind the Issue

If your wife doesn’t want to sleep with you, you need to go deeper and know why.

She could be facing some problems that have also impacted her emotions to the point of not having sexual feelings. In situations where she’s not ill, disabled or unable to physically feel intimate, there could be other reasons holding her from going in bed with you. If you act swiftly and decide to divorce her, you could even complicate things on her side.

As such, you should find an appropriate time to talk to her about the issue before deciding to take the next step (divorce). If she’s willing to share her story with you, the better. It’s your responsibility to help her and rejuvenate your love life.

If she’s not willing to have sex with you because of problems from your side, you need to find how you can rectify it and get her mojo back. Both parties should display a significant commitment to addressing the issue for success to prevail.

– Sex Is About Deep Feelings and Care

Also, you should remember that sex isn’t just about intercourse. There are many ways that you can express your intimacy, such:

  • Watching a movie together
  • Going for swimming
  • Exchanging romantic messages
  • Buying each other presents.

If you can still do either of these with your wife, you still have room to recover your relationship. This is provided you still enjoy each other’s company even without sex. You can then work out how to regain your sex drive with time.

Moreover, if you find that your wife isn’t interested in having sex with you because of the fading communication and loss of connection in marriage, it’s important to be understanding and find a way out. Marriage might face challenges along the way because of various life changes.

It could be the kids, a stressful work environment, or financial strain on either party. Consider addressing these issues and monitor any changes before deciding about a divorce.

Saving Your Marriage During a Sexless Period

If your marriage has faced a sexless period and you still have the hope to save it from collapsing, you can try out the following tips.

– Ask For Help From a Marriage Counselor

Wondering what to do when wife won’t put out? A marriage counselor could help. Marriage counselors have in-depth experience with relationship issues, including sex life. If both of you still hope to salvage your marriage, you can book an appointment with a marriage counselor around you and have all issues aired out.

Your gesture to visit a counselor can help you find answers on what to do when your wife won’t sleep with you. If she’s willing to accompany you, things will likely work out.

– Openly Discuss the Issue With Your Wife

Approaching a marriage counselor could, at times, be expensive. Alternatively, you can sit down with your wife and have an honest discussion on the way forward. Given each one of you still wants to stay in the relationship, you can go back to the basics and determine what works better. You can even access resources on the web that discuss issues like “my wife hasn’t slept with me in months.”

– Try Scheduling Sex

Although it looks weird, scheduling sex with your wife could work the magic. This gives each party the opportunity for physical and emotional preparation and helps address an issue like “my wife makes excuses not to sleep with me.” For example, you can schedule sex by having the children out of the house and even light some candles to make things lively.


In this article, we get to know that divorce isn’t the priority in a sexless relationship; and in summary, you’ve learned that:Can i divorce my wife for not sleeping with me how to act

  • You should evaluate your wife and find the reasons for her not wanting to have sex with you.
  • Communicate with your wife and address all issues affecting your sex life.
  • Before divorcing your wife, you should look for signs supporting your quest.
  • Saving a marriage from divorce because of the lack of sex requires commitment from both parties.
  • Divorce should be the last resort to ending a marriage troubled by lack of sex.

Before making up your mind about divorce when your wife fails to sleep with you, you should watch out for what is troubling her. Factors like children in the relationship, stress at work, or financial issues in the marriage might limit one’s sexual desire. If you want to salvage your marriage from divorce following a sexless relationship, it’s best to seek help from a marriage counselor or have an open discussion with each other.

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