Divorce Financial Planning

Pre-Divorce Financial Planning: Could This Be the Next Frontier?

Over the past several years, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and collaborative law have been increasingly applied to the divorce process. This phenomenon has been largely due to 1) incompatibilities between our advocacy system and the need for viable outcomes, and 2) an increased recognition of the importance of resolving emotional issues, particularly those involving children. In short, these approaches sometimes lead to better results than traditional methods.


Considering a Particular Settlement? Will It Work for You?

Susan and Michael Johnson thought their divorce would be different.

When they decided to split after 15 years of marriage, the couple was determined to keep things amicable and to avoid the horror stories they’d heard so often from friends and relatives. Above all, they were committed to making sure their son David, 11, would be well cared for.


Taking Control of Your Personal Finances in Divorce

I often hear from clients that there are either too many, and sometimes not enough, choices when it comes to controlling their financial situation. An analogy might be made with wanting to lose weight. Basically you could reduce your calorie intake (dieting), or you could increase the calories your burn (exercise), or some combination. The same is true with money – look for ways to get more, spend less, or both.

Following are some options you might want to consider to help impact – positively – your financial situation:


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