Should You Consider Counseling?

The following questions should be answered honestly prior to seeking the help of a professional counselor. Bear in mind that these questions are not part of any test, but rather are designed to aid the thought process in dealing with the dilemmas and problems commonly faced in a divorce. An affirmative answer might be an indication that professional counseling would be helpful.

If an affirmative answer is given for any of the following questions , it is usually a good idea to seek counseling.

  • Are you feeling stuck and/or overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting?
  • Do you have someone to turn to for emotional support, such as friends or relatives?
  • Do you feel as if there were issues that should have been resolved before the separation agreements were decided?
  • Are your children suffering from emotional problems that are causing the family to break apart even further?
  • Are you often depressed or overly anxious?
  • Does the thought of being alone scare you?
  • Are your children behaving differently at school?
  • Are your children getting less attention than prior to the separation?