Parenting is a Partnership

When it comes to parenting after a divorce, treat your relationship with your ex-spouse as a business partnership. Address situations that relate to the children with business-like behavior. If at any time a conversation becomes a little too personal, it might be wise to continue it on a later date. Here are some other tips to keep you focused on parenting issues.

  • Respect and encourage the child's relationship with the other parent.
  • Schedule regular appointments with the ex-spouse to discuss parenting issues.
  • Make no assumptions on past behavior.
  • Attempt to express and/or show appreciation towards one another as even the simplest comment or action can create a stronger and more effective partnership.
  • Never intentionally break or skip appointments. If one can't be kept, be immediately forthright and honest.
  • Do not make individual decisions.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Remember the goals and recognize the benefits as they arise.