How to Find the Right Counselor

A  good place to start is to create a list of counselors and/or therapists in your area. Referrals are often a great resource, but be aware of the pressures and influences that occur when involving friends or relatives in this search process.

The following are several resources that can be helpful in finding a counselor:

  • community mental health agencies
  • family service centers
  • school counseling services
  • hospital out-patient clinics
  • yellow pages

After compiling a list, select two or three and make appointments for preliminary interviews. Keep in mind that initial preliminary interviews are not always free of charge. Be sure to have all financial arrangements clearly spelled out prior to setting an appointment.

During the appointment, rate the individual merits of each counselor:

  • compatibility
  • competence
  • personality
  • price
  • experience
  • time limitations