11th Annual Conference

Hilton Chicago/ Magnificent Mile Suites

198 E Delaware Place, Chicago, IL 60611
September 19 - 21, 2013


ADFP University Agenda

Thursday, September 19th  

Choose one workshop for each of the following Sessions:

 8:30 - 10:10  Session 1:  2.0 CE Credits*

Estate Planning Pitfalls During and After Divorce - Steve Anderson, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing your Practice (not eligible for CFP CEU) - Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder, phoneBlogger.net

Using Handwriting to Find the "Bingos" (may not be eligible for CFP CEU) - Warren Spencer, CFE, CFE, LS Spencer and Associates, Inc.

 10:30 - 12:10  Session 2:  2.0 CE Credits*

Corporate Fiduciaries - Why They're Not Just for Grandma Anymore - Nancy Hermann, CDFA™, MBA

Does Divorce Bring Out the Personality Disorder in Everyone? - Danette Perry, MBA, MSW, LSW

How Handwriting Analysis Can Help in Negotiations - Linda Spencer, CGA, LS Spencer and Associates, Inc.

1:30 - 3:10  Session 3:  2.0 CE Credits*

QDROs - Assisting the Family Lawyer in Dividing Corporate Retirement Plans in     Divorce - Wendy Drefahl

Spousal Health Insurance Continuation and the Patient Protection-Affordable Care Act of 2012 - Sheila Mack, CFP®, CFDS

Quick Tricks to Boost Referrals by Blogging! (not eligible for CFP CEU) - Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder, phoneBlogger.net

3:30 - 5:35  Session 4:  2.5 CE Credits*

Domestic Relations Orders (DROs) - Assisting the Family Lawyer in Dividing Government Retirement Plans in Divorce - Wendy Drefahl

The Valuation Quick Fix - How Appraisal Abuse Can Destroy a Divorce - Brandi Ruffalo, CVA, CBA

Family Law Software - 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid (not eligible for CFP CEU) - Dan Caine, JD, MBA, President, Family Law Software 

* Family Law Software, Expert Witness Workshop and marketing workshops are not eligible for CE for CFPs.


4 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your Practice - Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder, phoneBlogger.net

LinkedIn is all business and is impacting your practice, perhaps without you even knowing it. Your LinkedIn profile often beats your own website in Google ranking!   It's often checked out by referral colleagues and perhaps even by potential clients.

For those just getting started with LinkedIn to those advanced:  We'll quickly go beyond setup and showcase quick tricks live via Wi-Fi on how to make LinkedIn a productive networking and educational platform.  We'll present specific best practices and compliance-approved techniques and share how leading divorce professionals are benefiting from LinkedIn. Come with questions (and your login info)!

Corporate Fiduciaries-Why They're Not Just for Grandma Any More - Nancy Hermann, CDFA™, MBA

What role can a corporate fiduciary play in your client's financial plan?  Probably a bigger one than you think.  A corporate fiduciary can provide ongoing guidance to your clients long after their divorce is over. Estate planning is overlooked by the majority of people and is especially important to assure that your divorcing client's assets are properly managed and protected to provide for them and their beneficiaries during their lifetime and upon their disability or death. Find out what value corporate fiduciaries really bring your clients and their families. This presentation will review the duties of a corporate fiduciary, in addition to the "softer side" of trust administration. We will also review some real life case studies and discuss pitfalls to avoid when considering your clients' estate planning needs.

Does Divorce bring out the personality disorder in everyone? - Danette Perry, MBA, MSW, LSW

Clients appear in your office emotionally charged, seriously concerned about their future and expecting you to deliver a plan which does not upset or change their life in any way. As a divorce financial planner, your presentation and approach may either further increase their discomfort or send them on a path to a successful outcome. Understanding their personality traits will increase your chances to contribute to a positive change. 

Estate Planning Pitfalls during and after Divorce - Steve Anderson, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

The financial planner is often charged with implementing what is agreed upon when a divorce is finalized. It is important to remember that the divorce does not trump named beneficiaries. This session covers Hilman v Maretta 2013 Supreme Court Case on federal v state law on divorced spouses named as beneficiaries. The participants will learn how to control the ex-spouses life insurance policy (that they are the beneficiary of) without owning the policy. The speaker will review the potential increased needs for insurance that should be included when determining what the support payments need to be. Also reviewed is a checklist of documents that need to be changed after the divorce, including ones that are often forgotten until it is too late.

Family Law Software - 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid - Dan Caine, JD, MBA, President, Family Law Software

This session will help divorce financial planners avoid common mistakes, accurately handle the nuances of data entry, and make sure the results they deliver to their client accurately reflect the client situation and projected income and expenses. The five big mistakes include: misunderstanding the Budget Report's monthly view; misunderstanding the What If Analysis results; incorrectly allocating income-producing assets, misallocating real estate expenses and failing to correctly distinguish between current income and appreciation.

How Handwriting Analysis Can Help in Negotiations - Linda Spencer, CGA, LS Spencer and Associates, Inc.

An introduction to handwriting analysis examining motivations, reliability, listening skills, integrity and temperament in personality. Attendees will gain insight into the people they are working with to help increase effective communication and speed cooperation. Linda will visually show indicators in handwriting that relate to the above characteristics and describe how they operate in individual personalities.

QDROs - Assisting the Family Lawyer in Dividing Corporate Retirement Plans in Divorce - Wendy Drefahl

This presentation will discuss the differences between defined benefit and defined contribution plans.  It will identify the correct way to determine the portion of benefits attributable to service during the marriage depending upon whether the calculation is being used for immediate offset purposes or a deferred division via Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). For defined benefit plans, the marriage coverture formula is discussed, including identification of common mistakes. For defined contribution plans, the power of applying passive market value fluctuation on a pre-marital balance is demonstrated and compared against the increase in the account value during the marriage. Regarding QDROs, the presentation will discuss the differences between dividing defined benefit pension plans via separate interest or shared interest assignments, including the form of benefit payable under each method, the timing of payments and what happens upon the death of either party. To wrap up, there will be instruction on how to properly create a QDRO to assign child support arrears from a retirement plan. This will include proper designation of the alternate payee and how to handle the varying ways that plan administrators withhold taxes on lump sum distributions.

Domestic Relations Orders (DROs) - Assisting the Family Lawyer in Dividing Government Retirement Plans in Divorce - Wendy Drefahl

This presentation will discuss the nuances of dividing benefits under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and/or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) via Court Order Acceptable for Processing (COAP).  A detailed explanation of the different ways of dividing the monthly pension annuity will be presented along with deciding whether to divide the refundable employee contributions or prohibit the option altogether. The complexities of survivor benefits and applicable restrictions as well as the insurable interest annuity options are discussed.  Also, the unique options associated with the death of the non-participant spouse are explored. The presentation will identify the requirements for dividing the Thrift Savings Plan as well as prohibited provisions that will cause an Order to be rejected.  Regarding Military retired pay, the presentation will identify the requirements for an Order to Divide Military Retired Pay depending upon whether the member is serving on active duty or is a reservist. It will explain the terms of the payment to a former spouse and the common problems, deadlines and restrictions associated with securing survivor benefit payments to the former spouse following the death of the member. The differences between Tier I and Tier II benefits payable under the Railroad Retirement Board will be identified along with instruction on how to properly divide the same via Court Order.

Quick Tricks to Boost Referrals by Blogging! - Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder, phoneBlogger.net

Still don't have a blog?  Been writing for years?  Wondering how some colleagues have time to market so much?  Learn their secrets: Overcome writer's block with 25 blog article ideas. Copy our template to quickly outline snappy blog posts.

See what other leading divorce professionals are blogging about and how they're marketing their expertise. Learn best practices to inspire on-the-blog public comments, private questions, social media shares, and email forwards of your articles. Vik will showcase phone apps, WordPress add-ons and browser extensions to make blogging and social media promotion quick, easy and productive.

Spousal Health Insurance Continuation and Obamacare - Sheila Mack, CFP®, CFDS

Health Care Reform is coming.  Are you prepared to help your client, who may need health insurance after divorce, sort through the options available under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare?  What about other available choices, such as health insurance continuation for Civil Service or military spouses or the State of Illinois Spousal Continuation Rule?

Using Handwriting to Find the "Bingos" - Warren Spencer, CFE, CFE, LS Spencer and Associates, Inc.

This session is an overview of the role of a handwriting specialist, specifically what is involved in a hidden asset project, and how to prepare for signature verification. Handwriting analysts have the expertise to help determine if fraudulent signatures have played a part in encumbering mutual assets. Paper trails often lead back to a falsified notary or co-signer's signature that made it possible for the opportunist to sell assets without others knowing about it.

This session discusses procedures that can be used to analyze questioned writing and assist your client with what is needed to have a successful result.  It will help us learn how to spot the unique handwriting formations, the "bingos," seldom disguised numbers, spacing and proportions and where to look for known, authentic samples of writing.

The Valuation Quick Fix - How Appraisal Abuse can Destroy a Divorce - Brandi Ruffalo, CVA,  CBA

Business valuation in divorce matters, when abused or misused, can cause clients, attorneys and judges to make bad settlement or litigation decisions. This presentation will focus on the steps that the divorce financial planner can take to improve outcomes in cases that involve business interests and professional practices.


ADFP Annual Conference

Friday, September 20th


8:00 - 8:30  Opening Address by Andy Samalin and Peggy Tracy

8:30 - 10:15  Family Law Software - 5 Great Reports - Daniel Caine, JD, MBA, President, Family Law Software

2.0 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA* only

This session will help divorce financial planners interpret and make sure the results they deliver to their client accurately reflect the client situation and projected income and expenses. The five great reports to leverage include: The Marital and Separate property report; Liquidations reports; IRA/401(k) Assets Report, Property Division After-Tax Report and intact family reports. 

10:15 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 12:10  Divorce Math: When Dollars Need to Make Sense - Cathy Belmonte Newman, CDFA™, MBA, Principal of F4 Financial, Inc. and Sue Slater, RP, CDFA™, Paralegal at Grotta & Associates, P.C.

2.0  CFP CEU*, 2.0  2 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA*

Divorce is a triad: a legal divorce, a financial divorce and an emotional divorce. In this session, the focus will be on the financial divorce and how a divorce financial planner can add value to the process for the client and the attorney. Whether you are a financial specialist in the collaborative setting or the litigation arena, learn how to assist a client through the financial fact gathering and discovery portion of the divorce process. Discovery is the foundation that a divorce case is built upon. Knowing the typical steps of discovery, what types of documents are requested and being able to anticipate the needs of the attorneys will save the client valuable time, expense and stress. Learn how to ask the right questions of the client and use a Marital Standard of Living Questionnaire. This session will demonstrate how to work with your client to prepare a detailed lifestyle analysis and financial affidavit that will withstand the heat of cross-examination. We will share our tips and tools for disseminating the spending data, identifying trend lines and applying the factors that will affect cash flow. The session will wrap-up with a discussion of assets and liabilities and how to create a detailed "marital" balance sheet that can be used in any style of negotiation and that will not leave any asset behind. 

 12:10 - 1:00  Lunch/Presentation of Annual Pioneering Award to Lili A. Vasileff, CFP®, CDFA™               1.0 CFP CEU*, 1.0 CPA CPE*, 1.0 CDFA*

Keynote Address “Reinvent Divorce”


Divorce financial planners are called upon for their financial expertise in divorce related issues. We are focused on the divorce process while our clients are focused on results. The disharmony of attention highlights risks for the planner in the professional relationships with both the client and client’s lawyer.  How can the divorce financial planner successfully connect the dots for the client to better understand the journey to enhance satisfaction with final outcome?  How does the divorce financial planner reinvent the divorce process to help the client see the light on the horizon?  A divorce financial planner is both an artist and a scientist. Our technical and fundamental skill set,  coupled with our interdisciplinary knowledge of divorce laws, are the foundation for how we leverage compassion, color the imagination, and use positive psychology to transform our work in conflict  resolution.



1:00 - 5:30  The Divorce Attorney & Financial Planner Partnership:  Building a Shared Understanding of DOMA, Divorce, and other Family Law Topics to Better Serve Clients                        5.0  CFP CEU*, 5.0 CPA CPE*, 5.0 CDFA*


Topic 1:  Post DOMA for Same-Sex Married and Unmarried Couples – Mark T. Neil, Esq., Partner, Mark T. Neil & Associates


While the repeal of parts of Defense of Marriage Act edges towards greater uniformity in marriage and divorce law for same-sex couples, the practical changes in family law have yet to unfold.  The power of each State and the possible “loopholes” in the Supreme Court decision raise many questions, including “What will really change in family law?” “Which same-sex couples will be subject to the rights and responsibilities of traditional marriage?” “What issues will arise for separating cohabitants that are different from divorce for same-sex and opposite-sex marriages?”


Topic 2: Divorce Models – Which one is “right”? - Theresa Beran Kulat, Esq., Partner, Trinity Family Law, P.C.


Families in transition have several legal options – mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation. This session will help illuminate the benefits and pitfalls of each option, including the associated financial implications for taxes, investment decisions, and future cash flow.  Insights will also be shared from the divorce attorney’s perspective on how to work with families based on the divorce model they choose.


Topic 3:  The Critical Role of the Financial Planner to the Divorce Process - Brigid A. Duffield, Esq., Partner, Law Office of Brigid Duffield, P.C


The financial planner often plays a pivotal role in moving a divorce forward by educating clients on the reality of their current financial situation and laying out scenarios for the future.  We also know the attorney-financial planner relationship can be a complex one.  Attorneys and financial planners alike have stories to share about their experiences of working together on divorce cases, cases that went beautifully because everyone played well together to reach the best possible solution for clients and cases that were less than ideal.   This session will describe practical guidelines and expectations when it comes to creating a positive and productive attorney-financial planner working relationship so that the process moves forward and clients benefit.


Topic 4:  Post-Decree Issues – Is the Divorce Finished or Not? - Michael J. Scalzo, Esq., Partner, Scalzo Law Offices


After the divorce has been finalized, more issues can surface.   Changing economic conditions and employment situations often drive the need to go back and revisit earlier agreements and include re-examining child support, health insurance, medical expenses, college tuition, maintenance, and alimony. This session will provide financial planners with additional tools to help resolve these issues by giving examples and anecdotes of past situations, and step-by-step instructions for how to help clients make good, cost effective financial decisions post-judgment, as well as when it is necessary to bring attorneys back to the table.  

Judges Cocktail Reception  6:00 – 7:30

Saturday, September 21st

8:00 - 9:40 Expert Witness Enactment - Lili Vasileff, CFP®, CDFA™, ADFP President Emeritus, Patrick Ryan, Esq., CFP®, Schiller, DuCanto and Fleck

                                                                                    2 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA* Only

The # 1 way to grow an expert witness practice is to build the reputation of being an effective witness. This is an interactive workshop covering your engagement as an expert, work product preparation, deposition, direct examination, and cross-examination skills. Typically, attendees learn how to utilize four methods: lecture, questions and answers, videos of experts actually testifying in real cases, and mock trial demonstrations using student volunteers. However, in this brief presentation, we will cover topics, include some role play, and provide you with materials such as a sample C.V. and sample report. The enactment will allow for demonstrations and constructive feedback on to how to improve the performance. 

9:40 - 10:00 Break

10:00 - 11:40 The Taxpayer Relief Act 0f 2012, Navigating the New Tax Environment - Mary Pat WescheCPA, PFS, CFP®

                                                                   2.0 CFP CEU*, 2 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA*

The new year began with some political drama, as major tax legislation passed in both the House and the Senate. Higher income earners may be in for some surprises as rates increased and deductions became more limited - learn what the impact this legislation is and how you can help your clients plan for the future. We will review new tax rates for ordinary income and capital gains, payroll taxes, AMT, Medicare surtaxes and limitations on itemized deductions and personal exemptions. We will also discuss planning strategies for income taxes, long term wealth accumulation, and estate taxes. 

11:40 - 12:30 Lunch:  Ethics Panel - Practice and Professional Standards Committee: Rosemary Frank, MBA, CDFA™, CFE, Carl M. Palatnik, CFP©, CDFA™, Founding President Emeritus (Chair), Andrew E. Samalin, CFP©, CDFA™, ADFP President                                    Satisfies ADFP Ethics Requirement

Open discussion of ADFP Mission, Definition of Divorce Financial Planning and the Divorce Financial Planning Process,  Practice and Professional Standards and Membership Criteria.

12:30 - 2:10 Finding Hidden Money through Forensics - Peggy Tracy, CDFA™, CFE, CFP®, MBA

                                                             2.0 CFP CEU*, 2 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA*

This session provides basic and advanced knowledge of marital fraud, the sources and uses of funds, situations where dissipation of marital assets might occur, types of fraud evidence and examining for fraud.  Ethics are an underlying theme throughout the session.  We will discuss the Fraud Triangle in great detail as a way to orientate our understanding of why divorce fraud occurs.  Another area of importance will be looking at the tax and financial planning effects of fraud on the marital estate. Fraud can wreak havoc on a family's portfolio and retirement assets. The presentation will use many real life examples of actual fraud and what the process was to uncover the wrongdoing. It's all in the paper trail! 

2:10 - 2:30 Break

2:30 - 4:10  The Reality of Money - Lynn Torre CFP®

2.0 CFP CEU*, 2 CPA CPE*, 2.0 CDFA*

Money is one of the most important subjects we face, especially in divorce.  Yet your clients receive little education about it.  We all have a lifelong relationship with money, and divorce is not an exception.

The Reality of Money will open your eyes to the way non-financial people think of and react to money. You will learn about Money Mindsets and how they influence people's thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. These mindsets cross into both gender and cultural behaviors and can dramatically influence interactions in the divorce process. Sometimes differences in spousal money mindsets may even be at the root of the divorce itself!

You will learn:

· What money is
· How thoughts and beliefs influence money behaviors
· 10 Different Money Mindsets
· How gender can influence money behaviors
· That different cultures have different money beliefs
· That self-worth directly relates to net-worth
· How behavioral finance experts miss the point
· What the flow of currency really is

Armed with this knowledge of your client's relationship with money, you will be able to better understand their perspective and work with them in a more productive manner.  This will help you cut through their emotional reactions and better relate to their money mindset.

During the divorce process, emotions are typically very high. Helping to diffuse some of their emotions will make your job easier. 

4:10  Wrap-Up Session

* Family Law Software, Expert Witness Workshop and marketing workshops are not eligible for CE for CFPs. 


Sunday, Sept. 22

Choice of the following:

            Chicago Architecture Tour on the Chicago River


            Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues


            Brunch on the Spirit of Chicago on Lake Michigan



Accounting Professionals and Others Looking to Earn CPE Credits

CPAs should check with their individual states to confirm state approval of NASBA-approved courses. 

Programs will be presented in a Group-Live format. Program levels will include basic/introduction, intermediate and advanced level programs. No preparation is necessary. 

For information on refunds, complaints or program cancellation policies, please contact us at ADFP@DivorceAndFinance.org or 888.838.7773.