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Gender and Multi-Cultural Divorce

The task of educating our clients about the various financial strategies that intersect with their assets and investments is at the root of our practice as divorce financial planners. But often the barriers to this process are steeped in gender attitudes and cultural  history regarding marriage and divorce. This has become particularly relevant to my practice as I continue to see more client work with individuals who hail from cultures that do not embrace or endorse changes to the marital relationship and their life here in the United States has shown them that they do have options.... Read More

Teamwork – A Key to Excellence

As part of our ADFP University Webinar Series, Ken Neumann and Lili Vasileff gave a recent presentation entitled “Divorce Financial Planners and Mediators in the Divorce Sandbox: Parallel Play or Evolved Coordination.” The important question this session raised was whether mediators and divorce financial planners should work with or alongside one another during the mediation process. My hope is this will be the beginning of a much larger conversation at this year’s Divorce Catalyst Conference.... Read More

An Embarrassment of Riches

I’ve been thinking a lot about pastrami sandwiches lately. – can’t seem to get them off my mind. To make matters worse, one of my regular and wisest confidants, my barber, told me totally out of the blue this past week about a place he and his wife were going that night for their next pastrami and corned beef fix. I hope I didn’t leave the impression in my last post that this year’s Divorce Catalyst Conference will be all about food – or pastrami. The truth is conference content will be a lot meatier than that (there I go again). The conference will truly be an embarrassment of riches. ... Read More

50 "Shades" of Gray Divorce

'Gray divorce’ cases raise new financial questions for their attorneys. A recent Bowling Green University study reported that an astonishing 25% of all new divorce cases filed are by those age 55 and older. Is this the result of changing attitudes towards marriage and monogamy amongst the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation? Regardless of the reason, divorce legal and financial professionals need to sharpen the tools in their toolbox to handle some of the particular financial issues affecting gray divorce.... Read More

Life Is A Window To Financial Resolution

Recently, I was dispatched by my daughter to attend the senior project presentations at her former high school. She is finishing her freshman year at Northwestern University and her finals schedule did not permit her attendance to support her friends graduating this year so I became the virtual representative.... Read More

Six Degrees of Separation

I spent a good portion of my last post talking about the atmosphere at past ADFP conferences. The atmosphere at last year’s Divorce Catalyst Conference, which had an overlapping educational program and reception/mixer with the annual conference of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, was truly incredible. I expect that success to be a great precedent for this year's conference with the Center for Mediation and Training.... Read More

Divorce Financial Mediation – The Next Frontier

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 21 years since I flew to Colorado to learn about what has now evolved into the field of divorce financial planning.  I had recently gone through my own divorce, and this experience had led me to conclude that the divorce process could work much better if a financial planning and tax expert were intimately involved from the beginning.  Despite my strong conviction, the divorce world was not ready for change, and it took 3 years to obtain my first client.  More importantly, because of my initial difficulty in gaining recognition and acceptance, I came ... Read More

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