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How Humpback Whales Do It

I’ve spent a good portion of the past 20 years studying, studying humpback whales that is. At the moment, I’m working my binoculars hard in Stellwagen Bank, a popular feeding ground off the coast of Massachusetts, allowing myself only an occasional break for a lobster dinner or a plate of Wellfleet oysters on the half shell. ... Read More

See a Broadway Show and Save Money on Your Taxes

In my last post, I wrote about “Fun Home,” this year’s Tony award winner for best musical.  Not only is Fun Home a great musical, it is a great example of how theatre (like the songs of Bob Dylan) can provide high entertainment value AND deep insight into the human condition.  As someone who typically spends much of his time with his head buried in spreadsheets, I can do no wrong by splitting my free time in NYC between pastrami, theatre, oysters and a good glass of wine.... Read More

Social Media and Divorce

Every day I think that I have heard it all and then there will be a new issue involving social media issues and my divorce clients. We now call e-mail e for evidence.

Following are some of my thoughts about this critical issue that impacts upon everyone who deals with divorce, whether as an attorney, certified divorce financial planner, mediator or therapist.... Read More

Fun Home – 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical

Prior to the Supreme Court’s recent landmark ruling, same-sex marriage (and unfortunately divorce) was destined to be an important, complex and “hot” topic at the 2015 Divorce Catalyst Conference. This decision makes our need to understand the legal, financial and emotional complexities, as they continue to evolve, even more compelling. Although I am sure many of this year’s sessions will touch upon this issue, one session I am particularly looking forward to is Jessica Rothberg ‘s and Barbara Rothberg’s presentation entitled “When The Rainbow Breaks, The Emotional and Legal Challenges of Gay Divorce.”... Read More

Why Retain a Forensic Accountant/Business Valuator Early in the Divorce Process?

 This is just one of the many topics we will be discussing at my session at the Interdisciplinary Catalyst Conference on October 3, 2015 at 4:15PM (www.DivorceCatalystConference.com).  I just completed an assignment as a neutral financial expert and business valuator in a divorce for a couple who had been separated for many years prior to the filing of the complaint for divorce.  They did not heed this advice! 
... Read More

Gender and Multi-Cultural Divorce

The task of educating our clients about the various financial strategies that intersect with their assets and investments is at the root of our practice as divorce financial planners. But often the barriers to this process are steeped in gender attitudes and cultural  history regarding marriage and divorce. This has become particularly relevant to my practice as I continue to see more client work with individuals who hail from cultures that do not embrace or endorse changes to the marital relationship and their life here in the United States has shown them that they do have options.... Read More

Teamwork – A Key to Excellence

As part of our ADFP University Webinar Series, Ken Neumann and Lili Vasileff gave a recent presentation entitled “Divorce Financial Planners and Mediators in the Divorce Sandbox: Parallel Play or Evolved Coordination.” The important question this session raised was whether mediators and divorce financial planners should work with or alongside one another during the mediation process. My hope is this will be the beginning of a much larger conversation at this year’s Divorce Catalyst Conference.... Read More


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