2015 Divorce Catalyst Conference

Association of Divorce Financial Planners is collaborating with a training organization, Center for Mediation & Training, in creating the 2015 Divorce Catalyst Conference.  The Divorce Catalyst Conference will provide a forum to foster new ways for divorce financial planners, mediators, attorneys and other divorce professionals to work together.  Our goal is to encourage a synergistic, multidisciplinary approach as we all work to provide exceptional results for separating and divorcing couples.  We are very excited to convene this unique gathering of allied divorce professionals and about the new ideas we hope it will generate.

Getting Older Sucks, Now Add Divorce to That?

My Mom died  3 weeks ago just as Merri Hanson, my co-presenter, and I were finalizing our power point on the GRAYING DIVORCE JOURNEY for the Interdisciplinary Divorce Catalyst Conference in NYC October 1-4.  At 98, Mom couldn’t see well,  or hear well,  and didn’t always know where she was.  Unable to recover from an infection, her Time had come.   But her Timing couldn’t have been more poignant.  Right when Merri and I were discussing how Time is THE crucial  difference between a younger divorcee and the graying divorcee.  The “Grayee” has

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The Future of Divorce: Technology + the Human Touch

Working in divorce finance is like peeling an onion; every agreement reveals even more sticky layers, and tears. As we peel back more and more conflicts about money, we expose something much greater underneath: a mess of value systems and hidden fears, that often play leading roles in the divorce process. As professionals, we’ve seen those emotions derail many settlements and family relationships, but have often felt powerless to stop it.
So how do we leverage our knowledge to guide clients through those sticky emotions that stand in the way of amicable divorce?  

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Membership in Association of Divorce Financial Planners offers divorce financial planners the opportunity to become involved in building the future of the divorce financial planning profession.  Applicants must provide evidence supporting satisfaction of certain educational, experience and ethical criteria.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce financial planners can explain financial options, help set priorities and lead clients through the hard choices ahead.  Ideally, divorce financial planning takes place at the start of the process when individuals first choose to go their separate ways.  Financial planning increases the accuracy of financial information so that both parties achieve workable settlements quicker and accept realistic lifestyle changes when necessary.  Settlements achieved with the help of a financial planner are less prone to problem or error.

Articles About Divorce and Money

During the divorce process, important decisions will need to be made about how to divide marital assets, debts, income and expenses. Since there will be two families instead of one, with different financial situations, expenses, needs and goals, previous tax and financial plans may no longer be appropriate.  Virtually all financial aspects of life will need to be reconsidered.  Bad decision-making can often lead to bad and difficult to fix consequences.  It is important to not only get professional help but to educate oneself as much as posible.